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No Man’s Sky Discoveries Reportedly Erased

There appears to be something strange going on with No Man’s Sky as players are reporting discoveries being erased. With many of No Man’s Sky’s touted features not actually making it into the game, some players have still been enjoying the experience of discovering new life and planets. Naming things in the universe gives players some…

Overwatch Atlantic Showdown: EnVyUs Falls

On this past weekend, the Overwatch Atlantic Showdown took place run by ESL. The tournament featured four North American teams and four European teams, though the individual rosters may have some crossover. Of these teams, EnVyUs was the clear favorite, going into the tournament on a 55-game winstreak. As the tournament played out, EnVy won…

Livelock Release Date Confirmed

Livelock fans rejoice! If you’ve been following the early release of the game, we’ve been covering it in one way or another here at DVS Gaming. Here is a video that shows the gameplay and our thoughts on the early preview. x https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5In0W-1cYw You can also check out our E3 gameplay Livelock demo here. The game is…

NALCS 2016 Summer Finals Preview

The hard work that teams put into the regular season crescendo’s this Sunday, August 28th in Toronto with Team Solo Mid (TSM) taking on Cloud9 (C9). The outcome of this match decides who will be representing NA at worlds as the first seed (the summer split winner is an auto-qualify). If TSM lose, then C9…

Sony Announces Massive Product Changes

There are some big things happening over at Sony, so here’s our rundown! The PS4 Slim Is it real? Eurogamer says that it is and that they actually saw it. Personally, I am going to wait on the official release before I get too excited, but this does look pretty exciting from what we have seen….

This Week in Overwatch: Sombra Hints and Eichenwalde

Sombra Hint Found on Reddit! x Summer Games’s End We all know getting DDoS’ed is never fun for anyone. Especially when Blizzard is the one taking the hit because of something out of their control. The servers went down for around 3 hours this morning for Overwatch fans right before the conclusion of the Summer…

Game Review: No Man’s Sky (PS4)

No Man’s Sky, released on August 9th 2016, is a game about space exploration. Many will call it  “MineCraft in Space”, which I concur with in some parts. Despite that, I’m enjoying it way more than MineCraft right now. Despite some minor disagreements I have with the game, it really immerses you on its concept. Developed and published…

Blizzard Targets Raid Addons for World of Warcraft

Add-ons are a great way to enhance your in-game experience, but we have some bad news if you use raiding addons that alert you of where to stand or what to do during raids or dungeons. During Gamescon over the weekend,World of Warcraft’s lead game designer Ion Hazzikostas announced that in patch 7.1  titled Return To Karazhan, Blizzard…