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Game Review: Smash+Grab

Editor’s Note: We understand the game is now defunct thanks to United Front Games’s shutdown. A company loss is always a tragedy, and we at DVS hope their former employees all land on their feet. With that said, here was our impressions on a game that will now be no more. Grab your crew and whatever blunt objects are at your disposal, and…

South Park Season 20, Episode 5 Review: A Douche and a Danish

***This recap might contain spoilers of the newest episode of South Park. Okay, it’s definitely going to contain spoilers of the newest South Park. Only read this if you already saw the episode or you don’t care.*** The war between the boys and girls have heated up at South Park Elementary. In yet another out-of-character…

LoL World Championship: Semifinals Re-cap

The semifinal matches took place over the course of Friday and Saturday in Madison Square Garden in New York City. The ROX Tigers took on SKT1 on Friday and SSG took on H2K on Saturday. Read on to find out how the teams fared, and who moved on to play in the grand finals on…

Witcher and Fallout on Sale for Steam’s Weekend Deals

The Witcher by CD Projekt Red is celebrating its 9th anniversary with a sale on all Witcher games with discounts up to 85% off. The Witcher series is an action adventure game based on a Polish novel series of the same name. The Witcher has exceptional non linear plotlines, open world exploration, and mythological lore. You…

Blizzard Voice Released

On October 20th, 2016 Blizzard Entertainment launched Blizzard Voice. The program is a Battle.net voice service available across all games of the platform which lets users create chat and voice channels to speak with their friends. Blizzard previously had an integrated voice system for World of Warcraft that was poorly implemented with multiple issues. In 2011, Blizzard had questions about voice chat in an…

GWENT Closed Beta Coming Soon

CD Projekt Red’s upcoming Witcher-themed card game GWENT will be hitting closed beta on October 25th. Starting from 7pm CEST, invitations will be being sent out and will grant players access to the game. There will be several waves of invitations, and the developers have asked people to be patient when the time comes. Read More

Voice Actors Officially on Strike!

After 19 months of negotiating with video game companies, the SAG-AFTRA (or Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) has officially gone on strike. This comes after multiple game companies failed to update contracts for voice actors and stunt performers. Companies that the SAG-AFTRA are striking include Take-2 Interactive, Activision Publishing, Electronic Arts Productions,  and WB Games. There…

Dawn of War 3 Developer Interview

One of our own got to interview a developer in Dawn of War 3 (DoW3). The game is being released in a world that has seen a lack of real time strategy games, recent titles have been more FPS or MOBA focused. Civ VI has now been released but it’s a vastly different game than…