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Beholder Review

Would you stay a government pawn? Gavin Herman looks into the depressing (but interesting) Beholder to answer that question.

Resident Evil 7’s Grotesque Custom PS4 Controller

A custom controller that is sure to send shivers down the spine of even the most hardened horror gamer, was created for the PS4. Fans of gory gameplay usually tend to be drawn to similar artistic qualities. If gore fuels your gamer frenzies and compels you to excel at gaming experiences drenched in the macabre…

Necropolis Review

A brutally unforgiving dungeon-crawler that takes the absolute bare minimum approach to assisting the player, Necropolis is a cute and quirky game that constantly challenges the player.

League of Legends LCK Spring Split 2017: Jin Air vs SKT1

We’ll review the series between the Jin Air Green Wings and the defending world champions SKT1. SKT1 were crowned the LoL world champions this past October. However, the introduction of the new pick and ban system was sure to throw a wrench into SKT1’s plans to three-peat. As well as the debut of their new…

Women of Warcraft Weekly: The Do’s and Dont’s of Using Voice Chat

Welcome to Women of Warcraft weekly, this week we’ll be going over do’s and dont’s of voice chat. We’ll also cover the most widely used different types of voice chat programs, to give you an idea if you aren’t already accustomed to using one or you’re considering switching. So get your push to talk buttons ready, let’s dive in!