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WoW to Add Unobtainable Transmogs to Transmog UI

Avid transmog collectors and those with money to blow can benefit from this change.

If you’re concerned about transmog sets that can no longer be acquired in the game, Blizzard has made plans to add their appearance back in the game. During the weekly Q&A session, Blizzard acknowledged that the transmog set UI would come in 7.2, which will show you the unobtainable transmog sets in the game.

“In Patch 7.2, the transmog set UI is coming and Blizzard realized there were tons of missing pieces as they put the system together. With the transmog set UI complete, Blizzard now has a comprehensive list of appearances that aren’t collectible in the game. They need to find the right time and place to bring back each appearance.”

In recent times, Blizzard has tried to compromise with the playerbase by making unobtainable transmogs available through reskinning certain gear. However, the effect is not the same and owning unobtainable transmogs is a sign of prestige and longevity in-game. Some of these unobtainable transmogs do show up from time to time on the Auction House to the tune of hundreds of thousands (even millions) of gold by hoarders or veteran players. On RP servers where there is more emphasis on transmog gear, these can also fetch a pretty penny as well.

Some popular transmogs include the Chromatic Sword and Tier 3 gear and weapons from the original 40-man Naxxramas. Hopefully, the inclusion of unobtainable transmogs in the new UI will help avid collectors know what they have. For potential traders, it can also inform them whether or not they need to search the Auction House for any missing pieces. This is a rather niche market with very few buyers and sellers, so long-time players and those with obscene amounts of gold will easily dominate the unobtainable transmog market.

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