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WoW Patch 7.1.5 Inbound!

Here comes the patch we have been waiting for since the announcement. Bringing with it changes, compendiums, timewalking, new legendaries, revamps and so much more!


Many class changes follow the patch, along with the help in Artifact Knowledge for those behind on your alts. You can buy compendiums which give you five Artifact Knowledge or a Synopsis that gives you one Artifact Knowledge. The patch will also come with Mists of Pandaria Timewalking Dungeons, new bosses in the Brawler's Guild, and a wicked revamp for Blade's Edge Arena. For those crafting junkies out there, you will also be seeing a surprising update to the professions.

Time to brush the dust off some alts and get gearing, put the boxing gloves on for the Brawler's Guild, and crack those knuckles to get back into the new arena. Change is the spice of life, and I foresee this being an extra spicy World of Wacraft update.

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