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World of Warcraft Patch 7.1.5 Hidden Changes

World of Warcraft legion

Blizzard just releases patch 7.1.5 for its popular MMO. Read on to find out the undocumented changes. 


Patch 7.1.5 brought upon a multitude of changes for WoW. However, not all of them were covered by the released patch notes. Here are some other changes that have been found across the WoW universe. 


  • Blingtron 6000 Gift Package can now drop Legendaries
  • Legendaries are no longer colliding when swapping equipment sets
  • Prydaz no longer makes any noise


Trial of Valor

  • Guarm now knocks players up (higher) when he leaps
  • Twice as many Decaying Minion spawn in P3 of Helya
  • The durations of the Orb of Corrosions in P3 Helya are now shorter

Death Knight

  • Death grip procs Sephuz

Demon Hunter

  • Max reduce of Unleashed Demons (Havoc meta) is now 100 sec (down from 120s) - Goes 20/20/20/15/15/10
  • Sigil of Chains radius increased to 10 yards, from 8
  • Blur does not reset Fel Rush anymore


  • Travel form reduced to 80% speed increase, instead of 100% <this is a bug>
  • Druid Glyph of Flap works with Glyph of stars


  • Max reduce of Quick Shot is down to 52s (from 60s). Goes 10/10/10/8/7/7


  • Summon food alone summons Mana Buns now, the same as the table gives everyone, not Mana Pudding


  • Blade of Wrath proc for Ret Paladins now has a visual effect


  • Max reduce of Master Assassin (Vendetta) is down to 48 seconds (from 60). Goes 10/10/10/8/6/4

Have you noticed any other undocumented changes with the latest patch? Let us know in the comments below!

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