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World of Warcraft: Fel-spotted Egg

Mana Ray
Mana Ray Mount

In patch 7.3, there was a Fel-spotted Egg released on Argus where you have a chance at one of four mounts, one of two pets and an aged yolk. Mount and pet collectors are in awe as they work to obtain this beautiful egg.

There are rares that have a chance at dropping the egg, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We should first start at the beginning of how to obtain this wondrous egg. Keep in mind, the egg is not at a 100% drop rate, and there is no guarantee as to what will be in it when it cracks. The first thing you will need to do if you have not done it already is the Argus Campaign quests so you can get to Argus. Keep in mind, that you must complete the Broken Shore Assault in order to get to even the Argus Campaign, so if you are like me and have not worried much about it, be prepared for a task at hand.

Broken Shore
Broken Shore Assault

If you are not a raider or lack gear, then it is possible you could struggle a little bit getting past the Argus campaign so that you can acquire the mount. This is usually equated to your item level though most players will have a good enough item level, others might not. If you do not have a high item level, it might be advisable to bring a friend or guild member to give you a hand with the Argus campaign, if you have not completed it already.

To give you an example, I did this on my mage and her item level is 849, she is my main and only level 110, but I struggled due to gear and being a cloth wearer.  Just because I struggled at this does not mean you will even if you have a low item level, as you might have a different or a better setup than me.

There are four rares that you can kill in order to obtain this egg: Kaara the Pale, Sabuul, Varga, and Narou. Though these beasts will not be up every time you head there, it is still worth a trip to see if they are. You can kill each of the rares once a day for a potential shot at getting this Fel-spotted egg. The rares can be solo-ed, and once again depending on your gear may or may not prove to be a challenge for you. Each one is spread out on four different areas in Argus. Narou is on Krokuun, making her the first that you can access, as this is where the Argus campaign takes place.

World of Warcraft: Narou

The egg does have a 40 percent change to drop off all the rares. Sabuul can be found on Mac’aree, coordinates are around 44.8, 50.6. She will be around this area. It is important to note that there is a world quest to kill these mounts that drop the egg, but you do not need to have the world quest in order to have a chance at getting the egg.

  • Sabuul who drops Fel-Spotted Egg found in Mac’Aree at 44.1, 49.7
  • Naroua who drops Fel-Spotted Egg found in Krokuun at 70.4,33.7
  • Varga who drops Fel-Spotted Egg found in Antoran Wastes at 64.2, 48.2
  • Kaara The Pale who drops Fel-Spotted Egg found in Mac’aree at 38.7,  55.8
Varga, World of Warcraft

The eggs are not a unique item, so you can have as many as possible. One player on the forums reveals that it took them 20 eggs to get all of the mounts and pets out of them as well. You are able to sell the pets on the auction house it would seem, so if you are not into collecting pets, then you could sell them for some gold.

All of the rares are cats, and might I add, they do look adorable.  The cats do have different colors even though they look alike. No one has revealed a spawn timer for these mounts, so how & when they spawn is a mystery to all of us.  Even if you have to do the work to unlock Argus so you can work on obtaining the egg and the mounts, it is worth it in the end.

Fel-Spotted Egg
Fel-Spotted Egg in inventory

The eggs do drop Aged Yolks as well but don’t worry, they are not completely useless. Winter Veil is coming up, so you could send a friend of yours a great gag gift and have them be surprised when you send them an aged yolk for Christmas! Start your Christmas shopping early, your friends will love you as you sport your new mount and they open their aged yolks!

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