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World of Warcraft: End of Legion Predictions

7.3.2 Has us thinking it is the beginning of the end for Legion.

It is nearing the end of one of the most epic World of Warcraft expansions. Here are some predictions I have come across lately as I venture through the PTR.

Saying goodbye to Legion

Legion has given us a very rich storyline, I am almost sad to see the end. It has left us wondering what is next, I personally think the Titans will make a reappearance.  Sargeras will be imprisoned at the end of Legion’s story. after he stabs Azeroth like his brother did (according to PTR anyway).

As we all know when Azeroth was young, it was inhabited by the Old Gods. These troublesome creatures wield immense power and love to see Azeroth in peril. If Sargeras has opened a new wound, those with ambition could try to control the new source of power and reshape Azeroth, but which faction will?

A new zone to explore

Be it an entirely new zone or a reworked old zone, WoW always gives players a brand new area to explore. I am thinking since Jaina is featured on BlizzCon 2017 promo art and I have been seeing so much of her, and  since she pretty much dropped out of WoW lately (not that I mind), the next expansion will probably center around her,  in her homeland Kul Tiras,  an island once located south-west of Lordaeron.

During the Cataclysm, the island was shifted out to sea, Both the land’s and the city’s current whereabouts are unknown making this a perfect place for new content. Perhaps an altercation between her and the Windrunner sisters will take place? Personally, I hope so. I would love to see just what kind of drama that would cause.

The Old Gods will make a comeback

Those Old Gods mentioned above have been an ominous danger lurking in the shadows of WoW for some time. They’ve never been front and center of an expansion. All through Legion, there have been subtle clues that foretell of their rise to glory. The fourth raid boss Il’gynoth in Emerald Dream, whispers prophecies of kings being made into pawns, players being lied to, and a return of ancient evil.

Even as a priest ( I main one ) Your shadow weapon whispers to you when you cast void eruption, you will hear your weapon whisper “the God of the Deep writhes in his prison, breaking free ever so slowly. You should hurry and defeat the fallen Titan… there are greater battles yet to fight.”   most likely referring to N’zoth, one of the Old Gods.

Faction Warfare

When I began WoW at the end of Cataclysm, I had heard WoW was all about two battling factions, well, when I started, I started out Alliance, after a while, I moved on to Horde because I liked Garrosh Hellscream. When he became obsessed with power at the end of Mists of Pandaria and we had to defeat him as a raid boss, I was actually sad. But back to the point, What drew me into WoW in the first place was the thought that I was going to be battling for faction glory.

I had no idea what that was even about until I got into the game. PvP has always brought out the pride in me, I go through phases where I Love it and hate it. WoW has been known for battling factions for as long as it has been out, And playing the PTR and knowing how power hungry both factions are, or will most likely be with Jaina likely pushing her way into the scene, I feel like Sargaras wanted to wreak more havoc on Azeroth than even we could imagine with the new scar in Sithilus. He had to have known what would happen or he would not have done it, I did not see it coming but I am excited to see what is next!

A new race

Everyone likes a new race, So far  almost every expansion has brought out something new, Burning Crusade added the Draenei and Blood Elves as races, Wrath of the Lich King made Death Knights a playable class, Cataclysm let us play as Worgen and Goblins, Mists of Pandaria surprised us all by giving players a new race (Pandaren) and class (Monk), while Legion had the  Demon Hunters as a new class.

I have been seeing a LOT of people hoping for the Naga or Ethereal. Both races fit into the Old God idea, Naga used to be Night Elves, until they were corrupted by the Old Gods, so the lore fits quite well.  Ethereals also have strong lore ties to the Old Gods and, more directly, their masters the Void Lords. The story goes that the Ethereals’ planet was consumed by a Void Lord, leaving them as bodiless beings of pure energy.

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