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Women of Warcraft Weekly: Get Diggin’

Warcraft Archaeology

With Legion, some great changes to Archaeology have been implemented and with patch 7.2 we got a few more. Let’s take a look at Harrison Jones’s profession of choice.

Welcome to another Women of Warcraft Weekly, our column all about our worlds within this great big World of Warcraft last week we were in the Noblegarden spirit with some of our favorite in-game Easter Eggs. This week we’re digging into some Archaeology (yeah we went there maybe we have been spending too much time around Dadgar). We previously talked about Archaeology in our guide on getting the Spirit of Eche’ro mount. Which also includes a brief overview of getting started in Archaeology for the first time. If you’re already familiar with the Archaeology profession, but perhaps not the changes that came with Legion and Patch 7.2 read on!

Harrison Jones

Legion Changes

If you haven’t touched Archaeology at all this expansion you may be wondering what changes were implemented and if its worth your time. Continuing in the same style as Warlords of Draenor, you can level your Archaeology in any zone that has a dig site available. What has changed with dig sites, however, is that they are only available in one zone at a time in addition while you’re surveying away you may also notice that a convenient shovel icon appears above your head when you’ve found the spot to dig for a fragment. To correspond with this, bi-weekly quests are available from Dariness the Learned in Dalaran. The quests will send you to the zone with currently active dig sites. Through these quests, you’ll be able to obtain rare items, versus in the past where rare items were the luck of the draw in what you had available to solve.

As with most expansions, there are three races that we’ll be studying throughout the expansion via our Archaeology. In Legion, they are Highborne, Highmountain Tauren and Demonic. Each of these races offers rare items which are obtained through completing the above-mentioned quests that are picked up for Dariness the Learned. Some of the rare items available are:

  • The Key to Nar’thalas Academy – one of the Highborne quests; when used sends you to a “time-lost” version of the academy, where you’ll be able to defeat Headmistress Elya Azuremoon and claim the title of Headmaster or Headmistress.
  • Wyrmy Tunkins – A Demonic solve, this battle pet lets you have a demon of your very own, unless you’re a Warlock then you’re up to your ears in them.
  • Spirit of Eche’ro – A Highmountain Tauren solve, as previously covered this gives the spectral Moose mount Eche’ro

While you’re completing Archaeology quests bi-weekly you’ll also be working towards the achievement This Side Up which when completed unlocks a color variation for your upgraded Artifact skin and is also part of the meta achievement Fighting With Style: Upgraded. The good news is that once unlocked on one character it will be available account-wide.

As with Warlords, while surveying players have the chance to spawn a killable NPC such as the Angry Tauren Spirit, which when killed can drop additional fragments as well as quest items that may be needed for the currently available quest. Previous to patch 7.2 these NPCs were only tagable by one player, which leads us to the changes introduced with 7.2

Elite Dig site

Patch 7.2 Changes

As previously mentioned any NPCs that spawn from surveying are now tagable by multiple players and thus can be looted by multiple players. This is a pretty helpful change all around as the NPCs are defeated much quicker if anyone else is around and you’ll also note ave to worry about any fragments being taken by other players as they are bootable by anyone who tags the NPC.

Artifact Power has also become a more frequent reward for doing Archaeology as of patch 7.2. Previous to the patch, the Artifact Power was only rewarded through the quests from Dariness the Learned. Now players have the chance to dig up items which reward Artifact Power, the items also scale with your current level of Artifact Knowledge, so depending on which you dig up they can reward a pretty hefty amount of AP, which we can’t seem to get enough of. Each of the Archaeological races has different items that reward Artifact Power, with varying degrees of rareness. Each has the chance to drop epic quality items:

Rare quality items include:

Uncommon quality items include:

Elite dig sites are another addition in 7.2, you may have been wondering what exactly a golden shovel icon means on your map. As of 7.2 this is to note that the dig site is in an area with elite mobs. These dig sites existed previous to Patch 7.2 however, there was nothing to warn players ahead of time that they were going to be heading into territory with elite mobs. Unfortunately, these dig sites do not seem to award any additional fragments in comparison to regular sites. There is, however, a silver, or perhaps, in this case, a golden lining as the aforementioned items which reward Artifact Power reportedly drop more frequently from elite sites.

Have you delved into Archaeology at all this expansion or in previous expansions? What are some things you would like to see come to the Archaeology profession that hasn’t been added to it already? Let us know in the comments below or talk to us on Discord, Facebook or Twitter. Until next time Azerothians!