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Women of Warcraft Weekly: Fighting the BlizzCon Ticket Boss

Picking up tickets for Blizzard’s biggest event isn’t easy but we have the guide to help you defeat Universe and snag that loot.

Welcome to Women of Warcraft Weekly our column all about our worlds within this great big World of Warcraft. Last time we talked about the For Azeroth! Event. The event has been reopened so if you didn’t get your Primal Flamesaber mount, you still have a chance to until March 26th, 2017.

An exciting announcement was made last week when Blizzard announced BlizzCon 2017. Much to our excitement, ticket sales are only a couple weeks away! BlizzCon is perhaps the most exciting time of year for Blizzard fans. With panels, announcements, the Blizzard Gear store and of course about 25 thousand of your closest fellow Blizzard fans, going to BlizzCon is like Blizzard Disney Land. Plus you know, actual Disney Land which happens to be a stone’s throw away. It should be no surprise that tickets sell out quickly for this event and with ticket sales opening April 5th and we thought we’d bring you some useful tips for getting prepped for fighting the BlizzCon ticket boss.

Blizzcon 2015 Posters

Getting Prepared

Last year, Blizzard opted to go with ticket sale service provider Universe, as opposed to previous years where they used Eventbrite. If you haven’t ever used the Universe site or attempted to buy BlizzCon tickets in the past it’s worth putting in some prep time so that when tickets do go on sale you’ll be prepared. Here are a few steps to take first:

  • Make sure you’ll be available during ticket sales.
    • BlizzCon tickets go on sale in two batches, the first will be on April 5th at 7PM PDT and the second will be on April 8th at 10AM PDT. If you’re interested in purchasing tickets for the Benefit Dinner, those will go on sale April 12th at 7PM PDT.
  • Make an account on Universe.
    • If you’ve never used Universe before it’s beneficial to save yourself some time during the ticket buying process and set up your account on Universe in advance. You’ll need an account to purchase tickets anyways, so setting one up ahead of time saves you some precious moments when you’re in the check-out for tickets.
Universe Log in Page
Make an Account on Universe
  • Plan accordingly with friends.
    • If you’re planning on going to BlizzCon with friends it’s a good idea to plan ahead for ticket buying. Will you all be paying individually or putting funds into one lump account? The maximum number of tickets one person is allowed to buy is four. If you’re going in a group of four or perhaps a larger group that you’re able to divide people up into smaller groups, it may be worth it to designate one account to make the payment from. This is of course only if all parties involved are comfortable with doing so. Ticket cost is $199 plus any additional taxes and service fees from Universe.
    • For instance: last year my guildmates and significant other sent me their ticket money through PayPal, I then transferred the funds to my own account and when it was time to purchase the tickets only my payment information had to be entered. This proved beneficial to us as out of the four of us, only one person got through in the virtual queue, but that was enough since the four of us shared one payment source. In the end, do what works best for yourself and the group you plan on attending with.

Getting Your Tickets

Once you’ve worked out these details you may be wondering how the ticket buying process works if you aren’t already familiar with it. You can access the ticket buying page directly on Universe. If you click the “Get Tickets” link before ticket sales open, you’ll receive an error message, you can refresh this page until ticket sales open and you are placed into the virtual queue.

Once you reach the front of the virtual line, you’ll be prompted to enter in your personal information and the number of tickets you wish to purchase (as mentioned above the limit is four per household). Following this, you’ll be directed to input your payment information and confirm your tickets. Once you get to the “order confirmation” page you’re BlizzCon bound!

Error Message Before Ticket Sales Open

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Now that you have an idea of how the ticket buying process will go, try these few tips before ticket sales open to help you out:

  • Sign into your Universe account a few minutes before tickets go on sale.
  • If you’re purchasing tickets in a group, hop into voice chat with your friends/guildmates if one of you reaches the front of the queue you’ll be able to notify one another much quicker than typing (plus the experience of waiting together makes it more fun).
  • Have your payment information handy.
    • Universe states: “Complete this process as quickly as you can, as tickets aren’t held while you enter your information.” Make sure you have whatever card handy that you’re going to be using to purchase tickets or if you’re combining funds with someone else, make sure you have the payment information handy for the card your group is using to purchase. Keep in mind this includes billing information, not just the information on the card. If you want to save yourself even more time, type out the information on Notepad or Word so that you can copy and paste it when you’re required to enter it during the checkout process.
  • Have multiple browser windows open if you feel the need to refresh the page.
    • Though both the BlizzCon and Universe websites state that you should not refresh the page once you’re in the queue, some people swear by it. Just to err on the safe side, keep one window open in the queue that you will not refresh and use a separate window in the queue to put your F5 key to work should you feel the need.
  • If you’re purchasing tickets for multiple people, save some time and put in your own information for all of the tickets.
    • You’ll be able to go back and change the information on each ticket (including character name) later on at your leisure all the way up until July 14th at 8PM PDT. This will save you some time during the check-out process as tickets aren’t held while you’re entering information as mentioned previously.
  • Consider reserving a hotel room in advance.
    • Though there are many hotels around the Anaheim Convention Center, many of them book up quickly. A way to alleviate this stress is to book in advance. Several hotel/travel websites offer free cancellation on reservations and some do not require any payment at the time of booking. If you happen to be defeated but the BlizzCon ticket boss, you’ll be able to cancel your reservation without being down any funds.
Blizzcon 2016 Lanoline
Welcome to Blizzcon

For many, defeating the ticket boss is the most difficult part of getting the BlizzCon achievement. We hope that these tips come in handy and wish you all the best of luck in defeating the BlizzCon ticket boss. Have some other tips for purchasing tickets that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter. You can also keep up with DVS on Facebook and Twitter. We hope to see many of you at this year’s BlizzCon, until next time Azerothians!