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Wild West Online’s Early Access Alpha Has Been Delayed

Wild West Online Train Screenshot

“It just ain’t ready yet.”

There has been a lot of speculation whether or not Wild West Online would be ready for it’s planned Eary Access Alpha launch, meant to begin today and run through November 15th, including persistent, 21/7 servers and a new map.

Back in September, 612 Games shut down the WWO tech alpha early after only two weeks but still was quick to reassure fans that the Early Access would still launch mid-October. Well, even though we aren’t getting to play exactly when we were promised, the devs are still holding tight to the October promise.

Here is what the team had to say regarding the delay via a post on Facebook:

Howdy folks,

Here’s status update about the current state of WWO development. Over the weekend and today we’ve done company wide playtesting of the build candidate for the early access alpha, and we’ve decided that it just ain’t ready yet.

We want the next time you play to be a great time, and right now some critical elements are not up to those standards. What we learned from the community and by observing the activity of streamers and youtubers during Technical Alpha is that people want a game that’s better and more complete, not just early.

So we’re not going to release with things that are really not there yet, and madly patch stuff in as it passes muster.

Instead we’ve decided to take more time to better perfect the new changes we’ve been posting about (and some we’ve only hinted at) before we make it available as a persistent 24/7 Early Access alpha.

The community was loud and clear about wanting a solid gameplay experience during this upcoming phase, and we’ve heard you, so this is what we plan on delivering in near future.
While this will not happen tomorrow, October 10th, we are still aiming to launch 24/7 Early Access Alpha during the month of October. Soon we’ll reveal a more detailed description of what features that release will include.

Thank you for your support!
Wild West Online Team.

The studio says they are wanting to “better perfect the new changes”, which could mean any number of things, but what we know for certain is that they are working on better sound effects, cooler sound effects for guns, and music for the game due to the devs replying to questions in the comments of their post.

The team says they will “soon reveal a more detailed description of what features that release will include”, which is going to have to be pretty damn soon as we are nearing the middle of the month. Many Red Dead Redemption fans are looking forward to the forthcoming title to get their Western shooter fix, so here’s to hoping WWO doesn’t get delayed any further, as many of us are still coping with the unfortunate delay of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Check out the official gameplay trailer for Wild West Online below:

Are you upset about the delay? Are you glad they are continuing to work on the game before releasing it? Let us know, join us on Discord, on our Facebook page, or Twitter.

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