Why Do Video Games Appeal To Us?

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What keeps video games as popular as they are?

The sheer popularity of video games is intriguing. This industry is always attracting new followers and avid players, but why are these creations so appealing? We’ve been delving into the most recent research to find out more about this.

Video games are arguably an art form which has the ability to captivate our attention. In the same way as literary works, paintings, films, and music can hold our attention – video games can be vastly appealing. One aspect that this type of art has over the others is the immersion factor, as we are not just placed in the shoes of the characters; we are granted ostensible control of their actions.

This makes us empathize with their journey and be much more likely to follow it through to the end. Some games have an average play time of 60 to 80 hours, so these players are being immersed for long periods of time. The interactive environment means that we’re more involved with the story, especially if our choices have consequences like in the Dragon Age series.

Story rich games are among some of the most popular ones to spend endless hours exploring. Collectables and side missions can be minor aspects of a game, but can add a fair amount of play value to the game. Finishing a game 100% can act as a motivator for some players, who want to feel like they’ve really won the game. Aside from completing the main story, they may go back and spend hours to get this sense of achievement.

Even gambling based games can create an immersive environment for users. They can start with a video introduction; slots like Gonzo’s Quest immerse their players in the story of a Spanish conquistador. This means players on mobile casinos, such as www.luckyadmiral.com, are being drawn into the game world with some relatively basic story telling techniques. Mobile casinos in general are becoming much more popular because of the increased number of mobile devices online. These casino sites and apps have hundreds of games to check out, each with their own unique gaming environment.

There’s much less of a distinction between “casual” and “hardcore” games nowadays, with either being able to snap up our attention. Games like Angry Birds and Plants Vs Zombies are really simple in concept, but as players, we’re still pouring hours of our time into them. They don’t need to sport some grand adventure with hundreds of collectibles to give us the sense of achievement we get when completing levels.

Video games as a whole are now more accessible than ever. There are so many devices out there that we can use to play games, from our smartphones to gaming rigs. This means that anyone can play, regardless of how interested in the gaming industry that they are. Even free to play games can give us a few hours of joy by telling a simple story, just taking a look at the App or Google Play Store will show you just how many of these games are in circulation.

Augmented reality and immersive games are bound to enhance this even further. We like to be in the games that we play and games are now blurring the lines between fantasy and reality in some ways. Becoming a part of the game and really being motivated to complete it is something that this industry has over more passive ones such as film or books.

We’ve spent many hours playing on our favorite games and this is likely to continue over the years. With new technology, this is bound to be enhanced even further.