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What’s known about Wyrd’s The Other Side?

Every we know about Wyrd's new miniatures game: The Other Side!

On August 3rd, 2015, Wyrd released the picture below with this statement: “Wyrd is happy to announce we are working on a new miniatures game, The Other Side! This game is in the Malifaux universe, but it is set on Earth. Players will be able to explore a world both familiar and alien in titanic struggles. Earth will never be the same... The Other Side will not be compatible with Malifaux. More information will be revealed in the coming months, so stay tuned!”

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Ever since then, the tabletop war gaming community has been talking about what this new game could be like. Some people believe that this is the war that the soulstones from Malifaux are being used to fuel. Others think that it is a larger scale version of Malifaux in terms of point value. Instead of having small twenty point battles, you will see stuff that's one hundred points or more. A few people think that you'll be allowed to use some of your current Malifaux models in the game. If that's the case, why would Wyrd say that The Other Side won't be compatible?

Dana Kjolner, a writer for Sprites and Dice, was able to talk to a Wyrd game developer at GenCon this past year. Aaron, the developer, told them as much as he could without giving away big secrets. The Other Side is a miniature based war game with a larger scope than Malifaux, which others assumed. They'll still be supporting Malifaux, as it's their biggest game, but they want to stretch out and explore new design space. Another thing mentioned was that The Other Side is going to have some mechanical similarities with Malifaux, such as a card based system. Aaron didn't elaborate how the mechanics would work. The game will be fundamentally incompatible with Malifaux, even with it being in the same universeHe did not go into any specifics beyond that, as they are still testing. In terms of scale, Aaron suggested that Warmachine would be a good comparison for game size and scale. This means you may be looking at models on a 30 to 80 mm base for miniatures. It could also be more of a focus on squad combat and military maneuvers. This is opposite of the current small groups you play with in Malifaux. There will almost certainly be more models on the table than Malifaux usually brings.  the other side

Thematically, The Other Side is going to show what is happening on the Earthside of the Breach. It will also show factions dealing with the aftermath of the Black Powder Wars and the new influx of soulstones coming back to earth through the Guild's influence. When Aaron was asked if players would be seeing any Malifaux characters, he said that none of the Malifaux charters will make an appearance in The Other Side. However, he did say they may be indirectly related to the plot. For instance, Rasputina will not be throwing icicles on the battlefield, though the Cult of December might make an appearance. We can look forward to meeting new people and characters. Wyrd is looking for a 2016 release, but that depends on factors such as play testing, art assets, models and more. Regardless of when it comes out, it's exciting to see a new look into the world Wyrd made. One can only wait for a definitive date. It's too soon to say anything for sure about The Other Side. No one other than Wyrd knows what the game will hold.  All that can be said about this game is that since its announcement last August, it's still causing a buzz around the community and people can't wait for more info to be released.


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