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Wartile Kickstarter Campaign Cancelled

In a statement yesterday, the creator of Wartile let everyone know that the kickstarter campaign for Wartile would be shutting down. They went on to state that over 6,400 players have downloaded the pre-alpha game, which includes DVS Gaming. We made our own video first impressions of the game which you can see below.

The creator went on to say that they will be stepping back and analyzing their options to keep developing the game. They urge players to sign up for their newsletter that will contain information about the game and its progress and to follow them on facebook and twitter where updates on the game will also be shared. The game looks fun but it needs a lot of tweaking and we gave the pre-alpha game mixed reviews. We hope that the studio can find what they need to continue development of this unique and interesting game and take our advice and switch to a turn based style of gameplay versus an RTS.

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