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Valnir Rok: Beginner’s Crafting Guide

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You washed up on a beach almost naked and completely helpless, what now? Time to craft!

Valnir Rok is a new online sandbox survival RPG inspired by Norse mythology. Players will awaken to find themselves on Valnir Island and must do whatever it takes to survive in a land of wild animals, mythical beasts, and violent men. Like many survival games, you begin with nothing and must collect items all over the map in order to craft weapons and clothing, concoct health potions and make food. But where do you begin?

In this guide, we will cover all of the basics of crafting when starting a game in Valnir Rok, starting with some of the most rudimentary items such as a simple weapon, a pickaxe, and a campfire for making food.

*The crafting area is on the right side of your inventory menu, and allows you to drop an item into the designated area to see what recipes are available.*

Items Part(s) Required
Thread Fiberous Plant (can be found all over Valnir Island)
Fabric 4 Thread
Stone Knife 1 Rock, 1 Stick, 1 Thread
Axe 1 Rock, 2 Sticks, 1 Thread
Pickaxe (for mining) 2 Rock, 1 Stick, 1 Thread
Campfire 4 Rock (place your crafted campfire where you wish, then add sticks to ignite)
Bandage 1 Fabric
Wooden Chest (for storing items) 4 Wooden Planks
Steel Pickaxe 10 Iron Ore, 2 Strick
Hatchet 1 Iron, 1 Stick, 1 Leather Stripe
Leather 1 Animal Hide
Leather Stripe 1 Leather
Common Tunic 2 Fabric, 1 Thread
Common Pants 2 Fabric 1 Leather Stripe
Common Boots 2 Leather, 1 Thread
Drinking Tube 1 Leather, 1 Leather Stripe
Common Round Shield 3 Leather Stripe, 4 Wood, 7 Iron
Primitive Bed 7 Wood, 1 Animal Hide
Seax (single-edged short sword) 15 Iron, 1 Stick, 1 Leather Stripe
Workbench (some items require a workbench in order to be crafted) 8 Leather Stripe, 20 Wood, 20 Wood Stick
Torch 1 Fabric, 1 Stick
Tent 2 Leather, 1 Stick, 1 Leather Stripe
Common Shortbow 4 Stick, 2 Leather Stripe, 1 Thread [workbench required]
Fishing Net 2 Thread, 1 Rock
Stone Arrows 1 Stone, 1 Stick

It is important to keep in mind that when you are starting out, the key items you need to focus on finding and storing are as follows, and will work as building blocks in most things that you craft:

  • Rocks
  • Sticks
  • Wood
  • Leather
  • Thread

In the crafting menu, recipes that are able to be discovered and crafted because you have the necessary items will appear as green icons, while items that still require you to scout for parts will appear as white.

It should be noted that there are many ways to collect wood around Valnir Island, including collecting sticks from the ground, scavenging wooden planks from the ship wreckage, and most effectively, using your hatchet to hack away at trees and collect wood. When you decide on a location to begin building a house, you are going to need A LOT of wood, so it is best to have a few wooden chests are filled with wood that you can take from as you need it, rather than having to run away from your foundation to chop down more trees.

Housing Item Part(s) Required
Foundation 20 Wood
Wall 15 Wood
Ceiling 15 Wood
Wood Stairs 20 Wood, 5 Wood Stick
Doorway Wall 15 Wood
Window Wall 15 Wood
Door 10 Wood, 3 Wood Stick

You will notice that there are several roof options available to craft while building your house, all of which require a larger amount of wood to make. Depending on the size and shape of your house, this will change, but as long as you have enough wood at your disposal, you will be able to craft a full-sized, functional home.

It is also worth noting that there are many items that can be crafted that can go inside of your homes, such as the chests, beds, chairs, tables, decorations and even a furnace. These items will be covered in the upcoming Valnir Rok Advanced Crafting Guide.

So, you’ve begun collecting items to build your home, you’ve got enough food and water put away to keep you healthy and ready for anything that comes your way. But what about when you aren’t quite ready for when anything comes your way? Sure, you can use some bandages, but luckily you are also able to craft medicine and health potions. **Note: medicine does cause side effects.

Item Part(s) Needed
Health Potion 1 Drinkhorn, 8 Marigold
Medicine 1 Drinkhorn, 1 Woodruff

Of course, this guide only scrapes the surface of what you can craft and create in Valnir Rok. The possibilities are (almost) endless, but this is merely a beginner’s guide to acquiring the basic items you need to begin your quest and conquer the land.

What would you like to see in the next Valnir Rok guide? Let us know, join us on Discord, on our Facebook page, or Twitter.

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