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Top 5 WoW Alternatives

You've been playing World of Warcraft extensively. You have explored the far reaches of Azeroth, you have reached the level cap on multiple characters, you have conquered the most difficult raids. Now what?

Why not take a break from WoW and try one of these alternative titles to sate the digital adventurer in you.

You’ve finally done. 110 levels of pure grinding. You’ve murder, looted, skinned, and picked your way for continent. You have feasted with the king and crossed swords with the scourge of the lands. That was only with your first character. You took the easy route and said “Screw that noob noise” and tokend your next five characters to 70 and used heirlooms to get the rest of the levels. Now your account is full of alts and you may feel you have exhausted the possibilities of World of Warcraft. Maybe you just need a break either way it is time for something new so here are DVS’ Top 5 WoW alternatives.

#5 Wildstar


Game Type: MMO
Payment model: Free to play with micro transactions
Developer: Carbine
Publisher: NCSoft
Website: Wildstar Online
Why you should care:

Wildstar will feel EXACTLY like World of Warcraft, but with the big distinctions that: A, You’re in SPACE and B; there's WAAAAY more action on screen than you can shake a stick at.

What we love about Wildstar is that you feel a lot more integral to the story than four expansions of WoW ever attempted to make you feel. Your actions from quests feel impactful, and with the communication system you don’t have to slowly walk back to an NPC to get your rewards. Also, with a new coat of graphical polish, I think most will find the game a refreshing sci-fi take on the classic MMO design

#4 Warframe


Game Type: Action RPG
Payment Model: Free to play with micro transactions
Developer: Digital Extremes
Publisher: Digital Extremes
Website: Steam |  Warframe
Why you should care:

Cyborg, Wizard, Jedi Ninjas. Need I say more? This game is a little different, it's the middle ground between WoW and Borderlands. Classes in this game are separated by which frames you pick, with each frame having four abilities unique to it. You will spend the majority of the game exploring planets and fighting one of the three factions (Grineer, Corpus, Infested) for resources and XP. The story is a more recent addition for Warframe, but it is turning out to be a huge draw. The PvP modes are starting to grow in popularity as well, but the best feature in game right now? Kubrows. Trust me, you’ll see once you get in game.

#3 Eve Online

EVE_Online_Retribution_Wallpaper_5Ships_1920x1200 (1)

Game Type: MMORPG Space Sim
Payment Model: Limited Free to play with micro transactions
Developer: CCP
Publisher: CCP
WebsiteEve Online
Why you should care:

Three Sci-fi games in a row? Must be a sign. Now a warning about this game: It is as free of a world as the one we live in. You can be robbed(in-game) for millions of USD if you are not careful. This game is not for the feint of heart but should you brave the wilds of space, you will have the experience the freedoms of a lone space fairing pilot. Go where you want, deal how you want, play pretty much how you want. The progression system is all about skills you can train both in game and while you are away.

The real shine of this game is in the economy. You’ll have to dive deep into sectors of space with no security and with no security comes the risk of fire fights and piracy. Speaking of fighting, the game isn’t as active as WoW, but a lot more strategic, balancing distance, ship size, defences, and skills you have acquired. With with great risk, comes even greater swards, especially with the player driven market.

#2 Overwatch

Overwatch 8_23_2016 2_09_26 PM

Game type: Hero FPS
Payment Model: One time with micro transactions
Developer: Blizzard
Publisher: Blizzard
Website: Overwatch

Why you should care:
Now, this is an odd game to be on the list. Its doesn’t have any MMO elements, but it appeal goes well beyond the standard FPS fair. Each hero is substantially different. Soldier 76 will gun you down from long range while Mercy will hide behind a wall and keep her giant German Tin man Reinhardt alive with his huge shield. The Insane part? Every unique hero can be equally effective and no matter what your playstyle you will be rewarded. Whether you want to play a supporting hero or an offensive hero you can earn XP and awards equally well. I haven’t found a person that hasn’t found a hero to play at any skill level.

#1 Destiny


Game Type: First person RPG
Payment Model: One time Payment with DLC and micro transactions
Developer: Bungie
Publisher: Activision
Website: Destiny

The marriage of Warframe, Halo, and Borderlands, this game is truly something different. It's not quite MMO in the sense that you get to have huge amount of players in one area, but do not let that fool you, the community for this game is massive. You select a Guardian from three specifications and subclasses. Progression is similar to traditional MMOs and beyond that it a a fun experience; to fly around the solar system, discovering more about your light power, taking on raid on the fly with other Guardians. The story is not the games strong point but there is a tons to do. The combat is varied and new content is added regularly enough to keep people coming back.

What are your go to World of Warcraft alternatives? Share with us know, and join in the conversation below, on Facebook, Twitter, or in the forums

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  • I know it is not even close to the genre of wow, BUT my alternative to wow is actually the Sims…When I am not feeling good, or wow is down….or whatever the reason, I go to the sims. I play Sims 4 regularly, BUT I also play Sims Medieval…If its with family sometimes I’ll load up Star Wars: The Old Republic