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Top News Stories of 2016: DVS Gaming

We'll re-cap gaming's most talked about stories in 2016. DVS Gaming wishes all of our readers and community members a safe and happy New Year.


This year has been quite the journey. In politics, the US Presidential Elections were everywhere on the news from Hillary's emails to Trump finally taking the win, earlier on in the year Brexit was heavily talked about. The Zika virus outbreak was the new scare this year causing much terror in anyone pregnant or looking to become pregnant. 2016 saw the loss of many influential celebrities such as the passing of  Carrie Fisher and Prince.

The Butt Controversy

Overwatch gave players something to talk about for a long while when they introduced a possible new stance for Tracer which shows her backside. Some Overwatch fans went into an uproar over Tracers "Over the Shoulder" victory pose. These fans claimed that this pose demoralized Tracer, was inconsistent with her personality and overall was just a flawed sexualization of Tracer. Tracer is not the only character in Overwatch to have an over the shoulder pose; Widowmaker, Hanzo, Symmetra, Mccree, and Mercy all have them and their poses were not brought up in the discussion.  Jeff Kaplan responded to the criticism, stating:

"We’ll replace the pose. We want *everyone* to feel strong and heroic in our community. The last thing we want to do is make someone feel uncomfortable, under-appreciated or misrepresented. Apologies and we’ll continue to try to do better.”

The big kicker? The victory pose they replaced for her just takes the cake in saying, we heard you, so here's some side buns. Tracers "new" victory pose now resembles a pin up girl pose making Tracer look flawless, cheeky and 100% up to her personality.
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The Private Server War
Technically this issue is still ongoing, with the launch of Elysium last weekend, there is no doubt the private server war will continue onto 2017. This year we saw a huge battle between Blizzard and Nostalrius/ Elysium. In April 2016 Nostalrius received essentially a cease and desist order where their private server which was Vanilla World of Warcraft was taken down. During their struggles, Nostalrius tried to work with Blizzard including a petition on giving users what they wanted, old content or better known as  Legacy servers.

Blizzard put on a show for the community to listen to their statement however, nothing was ever done on Blizzard's end. Anyone who plays World of Warcraft has made some comment on the idea of Legacy servers , while the majority of players believe stealing content is wrong and what Nostalrius did was indeed copyright infringement, the idea of Legacy servers is something a big part of the community wants. Everyone wants to re-live the glory days for nostalgia purposes, or because they believe the game at one specific expansion holds a deeper meaning to them and their play style.  In a few short months from April to December of 2016 Blizzard fumbled around with the idea of Classic servers, talked about it during Blizzcon made several blue posts on the forums but ultimately nothing came up of it. While Nostalrius took their own stance teaming up with Elysium and recently just relaunched.
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World of Warcraft Movie Finally Releases
In June of 2016 fans finally got to see the Warcraft movie. After waiting for what seemed like forever (2006) World of Warcraft finally got its own film. The production of the film was not without its drama. It was pushed back twice in 2009 and 2011, once Duncan Jones became the director in 2013 it finally started getting some progress. The Warcraft movie was hyped to the max, releasing several trailers, promotion for it in game and much more. Fans were concerned from the beginning on what direction the movie would go, but had hoped Blizzard would make sure it stayed true to the Warcraft universe we love. However, the movie unfortunatley fell flat. Perhaps it was the amount of hype over the film, the long awaited anticipation or teases given to us by Blizzard but the movie flopped in critics eyes receiving a score of 28% on rotten tomatoes. Fans, however, still have mixed feelings on the film.
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Blizzcon 2016
Blizzcon 2016 was a big 2-day blast, DVS Gaming worked around the clock to bring our readers Blizzcon news from our homes via virtual ticket. Our social media and Events staff worked endlessly to enjoy their two days during Blizzcon but also going live via our facebook page to have the viewers at home feel involved in Blizzcon. We even had one of our staff cosplay Mei during the talent competition!

Diablo Announcements: Diablo celebrates its 20th anniversary this year to celebrate Blizzard announced, new character class the Necromancer, and Diablo the original coming back to Diablo III.

Overwatch: Sombra was officially announced as the newest Overwatch hero although the majority of fans already knew she would be announced and Overwatch free weekend was announced.

Hearthstone: A new expansion was announced.

WoW: Mini holidays, slower content releases, mini patches, big patches, artifact changes and pvp brawls were announced.

Heroes of the Storm: Two new characters were announced for the nexus.

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Pokémon Go
Pretty much everyone got into the Pokemon fad this year. It was 1998 all over again, when the Pokémon Go app was released. Released in July 2016 the frenzy over this app went off the charts, Canadians were messing with settings to get Pokemon Go when it was yet to be released in the country. The game was really a game changer, using your camera to put Pokemon in your environment, catch them, transfer them and walk to collect them. Pokéstops were not only at businesses but also parks and waterfronts, places we gamers rarely take the time to go to anymore. Pokémon Go gave back every 90's kid their nostalgia, made Pokémon cool again and got people walking around and off the couch. If you're still a fan of the game it's regularly updated and improved for all your Pokémon catching needs.

Chris Metzen Retires
Chris Metzen announced his retirement this year in September just shortly after Legion launched. Metzen had a blue post written on his behalf stating he's going to focus on his family. Like many of us Metzen openly talked about his panic attacks and anxiety due to the pressure of his job. Metzen is sure to be missed by fans of Blizzard games as he was a core part of many voices, developments, ideas and more.

No Man's Sky 
No Man's Sky was one of the most talked about upcoming games this year. No Man's Sky received the most controversy this year when they released screenshots of the gameplay which were significantly different than the concept art hopeful players were shown on the Steam website, it is quite possibly this is the reason that Steam ended up banning concept art. In addition, it is reported that the developer of No Man's Sky Sean Murry had at the time receiving several death threats over the video game when they announced that the game would be delayed. As of now, it seems the player base is unhappy with what they purchased as the promise which was intended was not given, it's sitting at mostly negative reviews on Steam, this is just one way how massive hype can ruin a video game along with other issues.

Reddit Censoring Free Speech
Reddit CEO was caught this year censoring users free speech sparking the debate on how users feel about free speech on social media.  Leaked moderator chat logs were revealed giving all users of Reddit a first-hand look at what the modding staff was looking at. Users are continuing to question the validity of Reddit and speculation continues on how much is being changed and edited without user knowledge. As well as just how much is being censored and controlled within the social media site.

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt wins Game of The Year
This year 2016 Game of the Year award went to The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt.  It is considered the most awarded game in the history of video games, everything from the soundtrack, gameplay, DLC, voice acting, graphics and more has been awarded at least something by someone. The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt has been widely accepted by players to have rightfully won GotY.

This year in gaming has sure been an exciting one. From successful game releases to life changing events, DVS has got you covered for all of your gaming news for 2017. What were your favorite stories of 2016? Let us know in the comments below or talk to us on Facebook and Twitter.

Cheers, & Happy New Year!

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