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Top 5 Drop Spots In PUBG

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Erangel is a large island with a lot of nooks and crannies that you might not know about where good loot could be hiding.

As everyone knows, there are numerous spots people can drop throughout all of Erangel. You can go to the school, but do you really want to deal with the hustle and bustle of 10+ people aggressively going to the same loot as you? Other spots literally have nothing, so where is it you can go that seems like a nice in-between where there is little traffic, but good loot and armor? But, sometimes there are areas that are worth fighting for due to the strategic location of certain looting spots. There are a lot of little-hidden treasures in this map, but these five have been chosen for their consistent good loot, good positioning, and low traffic.

5. Atlantis

This good landing spot is in the center of the map that offers lots of loot for all matchups as well as great positioning to get into the first circle if you already aren’t within the first circle when you land. There is also a lot of open rooftops to snipe from in the open fields outside of Atlantis. Also, there are some sweet jump areas if you’re into getting the sickest of air.

4. The Square

This spot doesn’t have a name, but there is hardly any traffic normally when you land in this square. There are numerous two-story buildings which offer a lot of areas to loot, and there are multiple clusters of buildings in the area that offer good loot with numerous vehicle spawning locations.

3. The Quarry

Not many people seem to like the Quarry, but it does offer a lot of areas to look for weapons outside the conventional spawning areas like inside houses. There are also 3 tiers to search as well as small clusters of houses outside of the quarry. The downside is, there are possibilities the first circle will be clear across the map, luckily there are some vehicle spawn points outside the quarry, but be wary of lurking snipers in the treeline.

2. Observatory

While the Observatory its self isn’t the best for squads, splitting up between the upper tower and the lower tower could be promising for members in your squad. If you’re skilled enough to land on the 3rd story you could get some really sweet gear like an 8x scope or level three armor. The best part about this spot is the little town down below – there are numerous vehicle spawn locations, and a building that is a great choke point to catch unsuspecting enemies passing by.

1. Yasanaya Police Station

This spot will have a lot of people sometimes depending on the trajectory of the plane, but this spot is stellar. Especially if the later game begins to move in that direction. There is only one way into the walled-off premises if you have someone with you just watch the front while you scope out the area. The building also has one stairway so, if you know people are below or above you, you could snag a couple of kills by tossing a grenade up/ down the stairwell.

If you don’t get everything you need at the police station, the giant red building adjacent to the police station has great loot like AR’s and some armor. But be careful, there are a lot of 2-3 story buildings that are prime spots for snipers as you move through the city.

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