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This Week’s PvP Brawl: Deep Six

Grab the wine and candles, this week’s Brawl brings an intimate feel to three battleground maps we know and love.

Available July 11th – July 18th

Get ready to cozy up to your teammates!  Deep Six lives up to its name by reducing the number of players in Temple of Kotmogu, Warsong Gulch, and Silvershard Mines from their regular 10 vs. 10 player maps to 6 vs. 6. Rez timers have also been reduced to a mandatory 20 seconds, meaning regardless of when you die your spawn timer once you hit the graveyard will be a full 20 seconds. Map selection is random when you queue, and each map has received a small update to compensate for your decrease in team size.

Temple of Kotmogu

Honey, I shrunk the orbs! Instead of the usual four orbs, there are only two. The orbs are usually located in the four corners of the map, but for this Brawl, you can find them located in the middle of the outer ring next to each set of stairs. With the orbs both being an equal distance from each team at the start of the Brawl, you’ll be racing against the opposing team for first orb possessions. As usual, holding an orb in the middle of the map rewards the most point, with points decreasing the further you move away from the map’s center. Holding an orb gives its bearer a stacking size and damage buff, while simultaneously reducing healing taken and increasing damage taken. Control the orbs and kill enemy orb carriers to bring your team to 1500 points for the win!

Temple of Kotmogu Orb Locations


Warsong Gulch 

This is for all those times you’ve been told not to fight in mid!  Flags have been moved to the base of each faction’s tunnel to shorten the distance between caps.  Control the middle of the map to help your team be the first to capture three flags.  All other normal rules remain in play.  You cannot capture the flag when the opposing team is in possession of your flag.  In the result of a tie, the team with the last flag capture will be considered the winner, so don’t give up if you fall behind!

Flags Located Outside Tunnels in Warsong Gulch

Silvershard Mines

Just the two of us, we can make it if we try! The usual three mine carts have been reduced to two. The first cart will spawn at lava, then water, and finally stone. Carts will rotate in this order after a cart has been captured. The rest is business as usual. To control a cart, simply have more players than the other team standing in the circle around it. Once the cart reaches the end of the track, whichever team controls the cart will be awarded significant point. Points are also awarded at a much slower pace for simply controlling the carts. Make good use of crowd control spells (roots, fears, slows, etc.) to keep your enemies out of your cart’s circle. Ride your way to victory by being the first to score 1500 points!

Two Carts Spawn in Silvershard Mines

A new PvP Brawl is available every two weeks. Each brawl is available for a very limited time and is sure to add a little excitement to your regular battleground routine. Brawls can be located under the PvP tab when using the group finder tool. Join our discussion on Facebook and Twitter and let us know what you think of this week’s Brawl!

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