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Vampires Are Back for The Sims 4

Electronic Arts is bringing Vampires to The Sims 4 with new game pack, available January 24th, 2017


The Sims 4 Vampires

EA announced the Sims 4 Vampires game pack will be released on Jan. 24th, 2017. Sim players have been desiring a supernatural expansion pack, specifically talking about wanting Vampires and Mermaids back. The Vampires are finally returning. This would give The Sims two fantasy options to The Sims 4, Aliens (released in the Get to Work expansion) & Vampires.

EA has improved vampires significantly over those in The Sims 3. In Sims 4, they will be able to drink the "plasma" of an unsuspecting sim that is asleep or ask permission and will have new powers. Some of the abilities they will have include turning other sims into vampires and morphing into other "beings" such as bats. There will be a new world called Forgotten Hollow which will include a longer night time and a creepy atmosphere. Players will be able to buy items so you can build a Vampire Mansion as well as some other vampire-themed structures. You can have two different types of vampires: regular and dark but you could also choose to be both at the same time if have trouble deciding. You can learn more about the customization details in EAs update about the Vampire game pack. 

Sims 4 Vampire Pack
Sims 4 Vampire Pack

The Vampire Sims will have their own set of needs, motives, powers, and there will be a new lot trait which would allow the vampires visit your regular "human" sims more often. Vampires will also be immortal. You can create a vampire, get turned into a vampire, or be born a vampire (no news on if you have to woohoo with a vampire in order for this to happen). If you are born a vampire, then you will not find out that Sim is a vampire until they are a teenager. Once they become a teen, the plumbob will change, they will become completely immortal and will not age up naturally. You will have to buy a birthday cake and have them blow out the candles or use a cheat code or a mod to be able to age them into a young adult.

There will also be a new death, Death by Sunlight. If your vampire is in the sun for an extendable amount of time, they get a bit flammable. While an official price has not been announced, the other game packs for the Sims 4 cost $19.99, so it is likely the Sims 4 Vampires Game Pack will be similarly priced. Are you excited about adding a new supernatural layer to The Sims 4? Join in the conversation in the comments below or talk to us on Facebook, Twitter, or on our forums!

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