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The Rock Supports Terry Crews for Doomfist in Overwatch

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Dwayne Johnson wants Terry Crews to voice the Doomfist character in Blizzard’s popular FPS title.

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Dwayne Johnson more commonly known by The Rock tweeted he would co-sign for Terry Crews voice acting for DoomFist in Overwatch. Fans have been buzzing at the idea of Terry Crews voicing DoomFist since his first appearance at Blizzard. So far Terry Crews has made two known visits to Blizzard entertainment. Blizzard responded back asking who The Rock plays in Overwatch.

The first visit to Blizzard was in December of last year we reported Terry Crews had been at the Blizzard headquarters, Terry Crews is a fan of Overwatch so naturally, fans speculated who he could be doing a voice for, and of course DoomFist comes to mind. The second visit was recently in January, Crews teased fans with a photo at Blizzard Entertainment asking who wanted him to voice DoomFist for real.

A YouTuber by the name Harute posted a video of Terry Crews voice lines while the video shows Overwatch gameplay. The short under 2-minute clip is filled with perfectly timed voice overs of Terry doing what he does best.

Blizzard has not openly stated if Terry Crews will be voice acting DoomFist however with so much speculation, hype, and two visits to Blizzard Entertainment, it is hopeful that fans and Crews will get their wish.

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