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The Attack of The Clones has Begun for Cuphead

Cuphead clones

Not even two weeks after release the Android app store is filling up with Cuphead clones.

Cuphead has been a huge success since it’s release, and its popularity only seems to grow with it selling over 300,000 copies on PC alone within the first two weeks of its release. As is the trend with most hit games, a plethora of Cuphead clones as invaded the Google Play store in an attempt to take advantage of the success of the game.

Cuphead Clones

As seen above, the clones include, but aren’t limited to, Cuphaed Adventure (Yes, that is the proper spelling of their copy) Jump Cuphead Jump!, and Gorilla Vs. Cuphead. The latter is the only one that appears to not be a blatant rip-off of the original game. One thing that the clones have in common is their descriptions, all of them try to highlight the “Classic gameplay” and 1930’s cartoon graphics. Sadly there are those who fell for the clones, those who didn’t know it wasn’t available on Android from Studio MDHR or just people who didn’t want to pay the devs for all their hard work.

Clones are no surprise on the app store, I’m sure we all remember Flappy Bird and the numerous clones that followed it. If you remember, Google and Apple really cracked down on the clones of Flappy Bird. I don’t think it will be too long before the same happens with the Cuphead clones.

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