Lemnis Gate: E3 PC Show Case

Today during the PC Show Case on E3 we got a good look into Lemnis Gate, a turn based strategy FPS being developed and published by Ratloop Games Canada. In this new groundbreaking 4D adventure we get to control operatives on various planets near Earth and fight through various 25 second time loops. The game is announced to finally release this coming August 3rd for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

While controlling these operatives in this new TBS game, players will have 25 seconds to complete a turn, which can consist over out maneuvering enemies or setting up strategies for the next turn. This game will call for strong critical thinking whether it be planning your moves ahead of time or simply fixing past mistakes given the short amount of time you have to execute.

PC Players will get early open beta access this coming July, and luckily for Xbox Players and PC players the game will be available on Xbox.

Back 4 Blood getting open beta, also coming to Xbox Game Pass

Even though Warner Bros. Entertainment didn’t have that much to go around for this year’s E3, it did have one title that’s sure to spill some carnage this October – Back 4 Blood.

The spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead series (developed by the same team at Turtle Rock Studios), Back 4 Blood allows up to four players to jump in and take on their zombie adversaries – and even play as them, in case they get bored. There are various types available, along with upgrades for the soldiers and a whole lot of carnage. And soon, players everywhere will be able to see what’s in store.

The game’s open beta kicks off on August 12th, across the board for players to try on Xbox consoles, PlayStation consoles and PC. If you pre-order the game, however, you’ll have earlier access, running from August 5th through the 9th. Otherwise, the beta lasts through the 16th.

Those that have Xbox Game Pass will be able to enjoy the game on day one, starting on October 12th. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay for it on other platforms. Oh, and contend with the fact it releases the same day as Evil Dead: The Game. Hope you like killing zombies.

The latest trailer is posted below. We’ll see you in zombie-land.

The Anacrusis First Look – not your routine Left 4 Dead

Out of all the games that were shown during the Summer Game Fest today, one that players may have forgotten about is The Anacrusis, a game that takes the Left 4 Dead formula, throws in a wacky 60’s style of Portal, and gives you a whole mess of aliens to take on. It’s the sort of game that’ll easily stand out for Xbox and PC owners when it arrives later this Fall.

The game takes you into the reaches of Space, where you’ll work with four quirky characters – Nessa, Guion, Liu and Lance – as you take part in a battle with a newly discovered alien race aboard their vessel. They’ll need to fight them off if they hope to make it home in one piece…and that’s easier said than done.

The Anacrusis is the work of former Valve writer Chet Faliszek, who’s working alongside his new studio Stray Bombay. However where his previous work kind of shows in the game’s design, it stands out as something else because of a few key decisions with its development.

First off, it’s going more for a humorous, yet still “we’re in deep caca” approach, as the dialogue adds a bit to the characters, as well as the situations surrounding them when aliens begin showing up. Yet it’s still all about the challenge of the game, and it shows.

For good measure, the game has an ever-changing style of design. With the help of the AI driver, enemy spawns change, bosses have different patterns, and the places to find weapons and health kits are consistently changed up. This keeps things fresh as you try to figure out your next move, so that the game’s patterns won’t grow stale.

There’s also balancing. Newcomers, for instance, won’t be left out in the cold as veteran players have more perks. There will be options that balance things out, so players won’t feel like they’re missing out on anything. What’s more, they’ll be able to grow with experience, and feel like a vital part of the team.

That leads to the perks. With these perks, you can change the way you play. While they haven’t been fully detailed just yet, they promise to be convincingly cool, mixing in with your defensive techniques and weapons play to make sure you don’t fall behind. On top of that, new perks also unlock over the course of the game, adding to its replay value.

Oh, and we mentioned the game is co-op, right? Like the Left 4 Dead games, it supports up to four players in team play, though it’s unknown if it’ll support crossplay. Considering it’s coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox consoles at launch, however, it’s very likely to happen.

Though it’s a fresh start for Stray Bombay, The Anacrusis has a lot of promises that could truly make it stand out in the overcrowded co-op shooting market. We’ll see how it shapes up when it arrives in a few months. In the meantime, enjoy the wicked trailer below and prepare for an intergalactic trip like you’ve never imagined it before!

Choosing Your Platform: DVS Edition

When it comes to new gamers, or even veteran gamers choosing a platform to play on can be intimidating. You can be faced with a variety of choices, even as a parent choosing one for their child. This guide can come in handy by helping you narrow down your choice without feeling overwhelmed or pressured by irrelevant parties that tend to be a bit biased with their opinions. I mean let’s be honest, gamers can be the worst fanboys and their views might not be aligned with your best interests. In light of this I am going to break it down by covering each current generation system along with their advantages and disadvantages. These systems will be the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, PC, and I will also touch upon the Classic editions of retro consoles.


The Nintendo Switch was released on March 3rd of 2017, and made a huge comeback for the company since the Wii U console that was largely unsuccessful due to it’s limitations. Part of what made the console so successful is the fact that it was immediately open to 3rd party titles and support, and also has a unique design for home console and as well as portable, and the exclusive titles that were strong candidates for 2017 Game of the Year.

However, why should anyone choose this console over the others? Firstly this console is well suited to those whom are mostly on the go. Any full time employee that has limited time for gaming can easily take this console with them to work. The Nintendo Switch is a handheld console that has the a docking station that enables it to be play on a TV making it also viable as a home console, and has a platform that allows coordinating game play with other remote players. This capability is very well suited for those who often travel as well as the homebody. This console is an excellent choice for families, as Nintendo is mostly known for popular family oriented games like Super Mario Brothers, Pokemon, and even goofy games like Arms. Gamers with a budget can also benefit from picking the Switch since it only costs 299.99 instead of spending 499.99 like the other console choices.

For gamers that do not care for playing on the big screen, the Switch Lite version is available at 199.99. Though additional accessories can be expensive, you still get everything you need just buying the console by itself. The other big plus is you’ll have access to Nintendo exclusive games that will not be available on any other platform, such as Mario Odyssey, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The Switch also now features live services to play online games with others such as Splatoon 2 and Overwatch, and the subscription is much cheaper than other services starting at 3.99 a month.

That being said there are some downsides to going down this route. A lot of accessories are sold separately, such as a protective case and screen protector. The screen for the Switch is plastic and easily scratched up. Some of the accessories, like additional joy cons for family events are expensive, as a pair of joy cons costs 69.99 USD and you will need to get a separate docking station. Another factor to consider is that the joy cons are extremely small, so for those with bigger hands will probably end up dropping another 59.99 on the Pro Controller. Additionally, you will also probably end up buying an SD card since the console only offers 32 GB of storage. Going along with the storage dilemma, it must be said that not all games will auto save to Cloud storage. Lastly, if you want to play in full 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, this is not your console. Nintendo has never been about being the latest and greatest, they hold value in their games and are more invested in their consumers instead of performance.

Nintendo Switch Shortage | Coronavirus Limits Switch Production

The Playstation 5 is Sony’s newest console which released on November 12th of 2020, and made remarkable improvements from their Playstation 4. It is the best selling new generation console so far with 4.5 million units sold and 47.4 million subscribers. This system is sold at your local stores for 499.99 for the disc edition, and 399.99 for the digital edition making it a pretty hefty purchase. Which is why I am narrowing down the pros and cons to help you decide if this is the best choice for you.

First and foremost, I always say base your console choice on what your friends play on if you play online often. It can be pretty lonely for those who base their choice off of internet or local peer pressure, and we all have ran into elitists at your local Best Buy or GameStop that have their own opinions that may differ from yours. However if you genuinely don’t care about playing with your friends, there are still a number of great reasons that the PS5 can be well suited for you. First and foremost we all love Sony exclusives such as Bloodborne, Spiderman, Ghost of Tsushima, and God of War. While these exclusives are making their way to PC, not everyone has that budget, and you may have to wait years until new releases launch on that platform, IF they ever do.

This console is also more geared toward single player gamers with Japanese Style and Action Adventure RPGs respectively. You also get powerful performance from the PS5, with the ability to play new titles in 4K resolution and 60 frames per second, add their 3D audio support and controller that uses haptic feedback.

Nevertheless there are some downsides to this platform. Chiefly the storage size for their SSD, which is only 825GB, and the system is just not as powerful as the Xbox Series X. So for those who want the most powerful console, you might want to look at other options. Another downside is that while their backwards compatible list is impressive, it does pale in comparison to the available Xbox selection that goes as far back as the original Xbox’s titles. The overall design for the console is also extremely huge compared to other consoles, which might prove inconvenient for those with limited space. That being said, the console is a great pick for the gamer more geared towards single player RPGs, or those who absolutely love Sony’s exclusive titles that are almost always Game of Year candidates.

PS5 review: a hardworking beefcake - Polygon

On November 10th, 2020 Microsoft released it’s Xbox Series X, the most powerful console of this generation. While the console was remarkably improved from the last entry, the launch did not do well, like previous console launch. That being said, the Series X is still an excellent option for gamers that love multiplayer games, Microsoft exclusives, and the most powerful performance that doesn’t bust the budget, and a great choice for those who love PC gaming, but need a break from traditional PC play. This console is a beast, running up to 8K resolution, the 12 Teraflop AMD RDNA 2 GPU and runs at 120 fps with 16 GB of RAM. The Series X is also usable as a home theater system to watch movies or stream in general. You can gain access to exclusives (also on PC) such as Halo, Gears of War, and Sea of Thieves, making this console perfect for players that want to make the most of a multiplayer experience.

If higher performance isn’t as important, you can also step down to the Series S. This is just a less powerful and cheaper option for those who care more for the multiplayer aspect and don’t want to fork out 499.99 USD. At 299.99 USD the Series S console still suits online gamers that need to budget but still care about pure performance. There aren’t as many of the more popular its counterparts, but it is cross compatible and cross save with PC, and allows for the use of the Xbox Game Pass, which carries over to PC as an app. With this option you can start playing on an Xbox machine, save, and literally pick up where you left off on your computer. You can also play with PC key and mouse friends who don’t have an Xbox.

Xbox is also know for its backward compatibility, so most of the original Xbox or Xbox 360 titles can be played on various Xbox consoles in upscaled resolution and frames. While the Xbox Series X has amazing perks, there are things to consider. There are a lack of many new titles available because of a poor launch and horrible performance shown for Halo Infinite. Also since Xbox Game Pass is compatible with PC, it might be more expeditious to do PC gaming if you have the budget and are not concerned with having a console, especially one you might find inconvenient or visually unappealing.

When is the Xbox Series X restocking at Best Buy, GameStop and other  stores? - CNET

Last but not least, classic PC gaming has limitless options, and can prove to be the ultimate and most powerful experience with varying costs. You can buy a prebuilt computer, laptop or make your own build. However, to get the best performance despite what biased opinions might say, you will be spending at least a grand if not more especially with current surge in demand due to the huge influx of online education and employment brought on by Covid.

PC gaming is the best avenue for those who want the most customization for their gaming and performance experience. You can get apps and download games from almost any major gaming company like Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, and EA. You also get great platforms like Steam that have excellent bundles and a massive collection of various games dating back to the Stone Age. You’ll also find apps for customizing your accessories and parts, i.e. Razer offers headset, mouse, keyboard, and even mousepad customization; AMD will offer you a performance customization app for your motherboard, GPU, CPU, and more.

A personal computer can be updated as needed and can last a lot longer instead of having to upgrade often with new gaming consoles. These serve as great examples for players looking to maximize their performance and have total control over how they choose to play. However there are downsides for going down the computer route, such as price. You can spend less to play, but those players will find you won’t be playing in 2K nor 4K with limited frames depending on your settings. Even with a smaller budget you will be looking $800 at the bare minimum.

Those looking to build will also find that the market is totally off the charts with GPU and CPU prices. Tt might be far better to buy preowned at this point in time. Portable gaming laptops are great if you are on the go a lot, however they have a tendency to run hot because of the graphics which tends to give them a shorter life span. PC’s also have a learning curve, because unlike consoles you generally have to adjust your game settings to reach the quality you want. Not all games available have an automatic optimization setting for your build. You’ll also end up needing to learn how to use different apps to monitor your performance or adjust your peripherals. Lastly, operating systems can be quite expensive and literally a pain to deal with. Windows 10 nearly always releases bad updates in need of patches which can lead to minor issues such as audio problems all the way to random crashes.

The 10 best prebuilt gaming PCs | Dot Esports

Lastly and briefly I want to touch on the Classic Editions of retro consoles. Gaming companies have been releasing new classic mini versions of retro consoles like the NES Classic, Sega Genesis Mini, and the Playstation Classic. These mini consoles come loaded with old bangers like Super Mario Brothers, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Metal Gear Solid. These are great options for collectors, retro players or for those who just want to buy a quick console for the family for a few hundred dollars. A downside to these consoles is how fragile they are and that you are limited to the preloaded games, but they still are great buys for the price and love of nostalgia.

Best Retro Gaming Console 2020: Play Retro Games on These Mini Consoles -  IGN

It can be a struggle for gamers to find the right gaming console or computer that best fits their needs or play style. As a gaming fan that has owned nearly every platform, I hope this article serves as a guide that helps players veteran and new find the platform that best suits them.

Microsoft Buying Discord: Should It Happen?

We all know and love our friendly communication software Discord. We use it often for guilds, clubs, clans, business, social media pages, streaming and playing with friends. The company has been speaking with potential buyers for some time now, but we did not expect Microsoft to join the fray. Microsoft has been in discussion with Discord for possibly purchasing the software for $10 billion USD and Phil Spencer has been working on the deal. However, what will this mean for players? Should Discord join one of the biggest technology corporations out there?

Microsoft Corporation is a multi-national technology company that is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to manufacturers, software, hardware, and services. Microsoft is the world’s largest software maker with revenue surpassing $38 billion in 2019 as stated in their website by Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella. The company has had their ups and downs with purchasing and creating communication software in the past, with platforms like Skype and Microsoft Teams t show for their efforts. While Microsoft Teams is very popular with business, however, Discord happens to be the heartbeat of the PC community, servicing various areas including movements, podcasts, and school projects. Clans and guilds gather together on discord for gaming and raid nights, and users commonly utilize the platform just chatting on a day to day basis. What would happen if Microsoft did indeed purchase this software? The last time Microsoft attempted to own a true social network, they created So.cl in 2011 and it completely failed.

Windows Apps – Microsoft Store

Unfortunately we have no insight on Microsoft’s plans for Discord as of yet, but can only speculate the future of this social platform, along with the very likely possibility that Xbox might also be involved. It is highly probable that Microsoft will keep Discord on PC in light of the PC accessible Xbox Game Pass, however one can’t help but wonder if it will be integrated with the Game Pass app, or will they keep it stand alone? We can all hope that Discord does not become a part of Office 365, changing the free to use aspect. Hopefully we will get answers soon to alleviate the anxiety for PC players across the world.

Octopath Traveler is coming to Xbox Game Pass

As if the news that Outriders was coming next month wasn’t enough, Xbox Game Pass subscribers have yet another surprise title to look forward to in a matter of days – Octopath Traveler.

Yes, the game, which originally released as a Nintendo Switch exclusive a while back before making its way to Steam, will now debut on the Xbox platform in both standalone form and as a playable title on Xbox Game Pass. It’s set to arrive on March 25.

For those that missed out on it, there’s a trailer below (the Nintendo Switch one), along with the game’s official description:

“Eight travelers. Eight adventures. Eight roles to play. Embark on an epic journey across the vast and wondrous world of Orsterra and discover the captivating stories of each of the eight travelers. Use each character’s distinctive abilities in and out of battle and make decisions to shape your path.”

The game was a massive hit on previous platforms, and now it should reach out to an even wider audience while debuting on Game Pass.

The Xbox program has become immensely popular over the past few months, thanks to key additions like these. And there’s more to come, as Undertale joins the service today, with Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Ultimate Edition and others joining later this month. Star Wars: Squadrons will also be available later this week, as part of EA Play.

Haven’t subscribed yet? You can learn more about Xbox Game Pass here!

Outriders is Xbox Game Pass bound

Ever since the release of its extended demo last month, Outriders has been getting some serious buzz. The latest game from the developers at People Can Fly and Square Enix looks to be an excellent shooter, one that you can play alone or with friends in co-op. Coming soon, all Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get their turn.

Microsoft recently announced that the game will make its debut on the service the same day that it’s set to release on other platforms – April 1st! And no, it’s not a joke – and it won’t be a limited release.

The company noted in its statement, “Starting April 1, Xbox Game Pass for Console and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can jump into this true genre-hybrid from Square Enix, which combines brutal combat with deep RPG systems. Outriders is set in the distant future where players attempt to colonize a planet that they believe to be a new home for humanity. Turns out, the planet doesn’t want them there. Oops.

A mysterious storm called the Anomaly burnt out all the tech that’s more advanced than a lightbulb, hyper-evolved the wildlife into ferocious monsters, and colonization efforts broke down into a bitter war of attrition for the last remaining resources available to humanity.”

Considering that Microsoft just added a bunch of Bethesda games to the service, this continues to push the tremendous value that Xbox Game Pass offers. And with E3 2021 around the corner, the company isn’t done yet.

Outriders will also be available on PlayStation 4 and PC, with enhancements on PlayStation 5 to boot. Check out the latest trailer below!

Hotshot Racing PlayStation 4 review: did someone say throwback?

Arcade racers aren’t really that common nowadays – probably because we don’t have arcades at the moment. (Damn it COVID!) But, fortunately, there are some developers out there that are trying to give us that classic “throwback” feeling, back in the days when we were more concerned about getting first place instead of getting a lofty update filled with racing stats.

Hotshot Racing is the latest attempt to bring back the “good ol’ days,” from the team at Lucky Mountain Games (with some help from Sumo Digital). It’s all about that old-school rush, with polygonal racing cars and models, and tracks that look like something out of the Virtua Racing school. It’s a little on the short side when it comes to content, but it has mileage to spare – perfect for a game of this nature.

Taking It For a Spin

You start the game by choosing your racing circuit, in this case from various Grand Prix championships. You’ll start at the beginning, where you can get accustomed to the control of your car, and also choose your driver of choice, who provides commentary throughout. At first, it can seem a little annoying, but it actually adds personality to each race, and you’ll soon develop favorites as you go on. They have back stories that provide a little more detail as well.

Ah, the good ol’ days.

Then you get into the racing action itself, which is pretty good. The drift system does take a little bit of getting used to, as it’s far different from the drift-happy days of, say, Ridge Racer. But it’s a concise system, and one that can actually net you power as you continue. You’ll be able to use that for boosts, which are crucial when it comes to scoring a first place victory.

As you go on, the competition gets a bit tougher, with more aggressive AI that has no reservations when it comes to knocking you off the track. You’ll see some hints of this rage in the beginning, which may force a restart if you feel up to it.

There’s a lot to do outside of Grand Prix, though. There’s also a fun Cops and Robbers mode, where pursuit is the name of the game. We haven’t had this much fun with a mode like this since Need For Speed: Most Wanted. Also interesting is the Drive Or Explode mode, where you have to keep going fast or your car blows up. Hmmmm, sounds like a particular Keanu Reeves film out there. (No, not Constantine, you doofs.)

Get some friends together and have some laughs!

And then there’s multiplayer, jam packed with up to eight players. The best way to go with a game like this, however, is splitscreen. It’s great going up against friends in various modes and seeing what you can do in each circuit. There are other options as well, however, if you feel like competing a different way. Just be prepared for some real road hogs out there.

The Look’s The Thing

Another magical element to Hotshot Racing is how wonderful it looks. I mean, it’s simple compared to some of today’s other racers, but it’s a wondrous throwback to the 90’s style of design. The polygonal look of the cars and drivers is just about perfect, and there’s a hint of customization where you can make it feel more like your genuine ride. On top of that, it’s great to see various tracks in different locations, adding some variety to the proceedings. The track count overall is a bit on the short side, but, again, the game is loaded with replayability thanks to multiplayer options and modes.

Call the cops!

The sound is good too, with cheesy rock music playing in the background and some good voiceovers by the characters, though some are better than others. The sound effects are good too, right out of the Daytona rulebook, it seems.

Get Ready To Race

Arcade racers don’t really come along too often anymore, so Hotshot Racing’s arrival is a gem. It’s reasonably priced at around $20; and though the track offering is on the limited side, there’s so much to dig into here when it comes to drifting arcade bliss, character selection, modes and multiplayer. You’ll have a ball – and then, like us, get on the phone and bug Sega about releasing another Sega Rally. We need our very long easy right, baby.

RATING: 8.5/10

An arcade racer that checks out in every category, Hotshot Racing more than deserves your money.