Five Wii games that still need to come to Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has become so popular that even ports of earlier games are selling incredibly well for it. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Bayonetta 2 and the just-released Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury are proof of that.

Thus far, we’ve gotten most of the Wii U games on the Switch, save for certain releases like StarFox Zero. But what about the Wii? Wouldn’t some of their games be an ideal fit on the Switch? Heck yeah, they would.

With that, we’ve got a few suggestions of Wii games that we think would be right at home on the platform. Hurry, Nintendo, they’re not going to release themselves!

Wii Sports

Don’t laugh at this suggestion. Wii Sports has become one of the most popular games of all time on the Wii, and continues to sell surprisingly well on the used game market today. So a re-release for the Switch just makes sense, with players using their JoyCons to try and outscore their opposition. For good measure, Nintendo could add Club features to the game, along with online play, so fans won’t feel so isolated as they stay stuck inside from COVID-19.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

We mentioned earlier how we want The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the Switch. And we’re likely to get that. But you know what game doesn’t seem as likely? The Wii release Skyward Sword. This is a thrilling adventure in its own right, and Nintendo could easily bring it to the platform with enhanced visuals, various gameplay options and maybe even some new content for fans to relish. Well, either this or The Wind Waker. Or hey, how about both?!

Sin and Punishment: Star Successor

Easily one of the best shooters released for the Wii, Sin and Punishment: Star Successor is still an excellent game by today’s standards – and a perfect candidate for release on the Nintendo Switch. With different control schemes, fantastic visuals and maybe even the original Sin and Punishment as an unlockable bonus, Star Successor could easily be a hot-seller for the platform. And, hey, Treasure isn’t doing anything at the moment, sooooo…

Kirby’s Epic Yarn

While it is great to have contemporary Kirby adventures on the Switch, it wouldn’t hurt to give his Epic Yarn adventure a try on the platform. It did really well releasing the game on the 3DS a little while back, so obviously HAL Entertainment can bring it to another platform – and with Switch-exclusive features and game control schemes to boot. Oh, and we’ll totally take online co-op as well, if only because we don’t want to leave players…strung along? Heh.

Metroid Prime Trilogy

Finally, since it’s going to be a while until we see Metroid Prime 4 surface on the system, Nintendo should fill the void by giving us one of the greatest trilogies in recent memory on the Switch – and that’s the Metroid Prime Trilogy. The release did extremely well on the Wii, even becoming hard to come by at one point. So a re-release – complete with its Steelbook case and collectibles – would be just the thing to get us by in 2021. Please?

Nintendo Needs to Give Wii Sports a Release on Nintendo Switch, and Here’s Why

Wii Sports on the Nintendo Switch is an excellent idea that needs to be explored.

Fourteen years ago, Nintendo created one of its biggest casual gaming hits with Wii Sports, a game that pretty much sold on a one-to-one basis with the Nintendo Wii when it came out. And how could it not? It created so many sports experiences with a simplistic, yet highly effective, set-up. Whoever wasn’t playing Bowling was clearly playing Tennis, or even Golf.

The game managed to sell 82 million copies by the end of 2017, marking it as one of Nintendo’s biggest successes. But now, in the face of the Coronavirus, the game’s popularity is surging yet again, with people being stuck inside and looking for something fun to play.

Based on this report from NintendoLife, sales for used copies of the game have spiked in the past few months, with copies going for around $30 or more. Considering its age, that’s a genuine surprise – but has us asking Nintendo an interesting question.

Tennis. With online play, please.

Would a Nintendo Switch release be out of the question?

It’s a good time for sports

Although the game is called Wii Sports and not, well, Switch Sports, there’s no question that it could find a new audience on Nintendo’s platform. The JoyCons make it ideal to replicate the motion-style controls that the original Wii game had. And being able to play it on the go – like at the hospital or even in the park if you’re social distancing well enough – is a novel idea.

Not to mention the fact that a port wouldn’t really require that much effort. It’s a Wii game, and we’ve seen a number of classic Nintendo titles make their way to the Switch platform with ease. So it’d be minimal at best bringing the game to the system. The only obstacle we could see getting in the way is revitalizing the controls so they take advantage of the JoyCons. But clearly Nintendo is a master of this domain at this point, so it’s no big deal.

Nintendo could sell it for cheap and make a fortune

Let’s look at the general popularity of Wii Sports. It sold over 82 million copies over the decade that it released. And it became a huge hit in that time, probably one of Nintendo’s biggest.

Now imagine if the company re-released the game somewhere around the $10-$20 range. People would flock to it instantly, even if it was a port of the best-selling follow-up Wii Sports Resort. That’s because it gives people an alternative to play when they’re stuck inside – and without having to pay out the nose for a physical copy that’s no doubt seen better days. (Looking at you, scratched discs.)

Baseball is surprisingly good stuff.

Nintendo could even follow a structure as they did with Wii Sports Club on the Wii U, selling each sport separately (give us Bowling and Tennis and we are good), or even making it an affordable all-in-one package. It worked before, even with the Wii U’s abysmal sales. Now imagine how quickly it could multiply on the Switch.

It’s a game that’s adaptable to everyone

The universal appeal from Wii Sports comes from the fact that everyone can play. We’ve seen this be a popular favorite in nursing homes, bowling alleys, bars…hell, everywhere. Now imagine the accessibility of the Switch being added to that, and people being able to play it wherever they please. Even without the need of a monitor, since the Switch would provide all the action on its screen.

It’s a move that makes sense. Nintendo would benefit greatly from sales; people would benefit from enjoying the game all over again without needing to get a Wii or Wii U system on the side; and, hey, it would bring so many people together. The only question is if Nintendo could make enough Switch systems right now to upkeep with its popularity since they’re becoming pretty scarce as of late.

C’mon, Nintendo. If there was ever a time for a Wii Sports re-release, it’s definitely now. At least give us Bowling!