Destroy All Humans! (Again?)

Remake of 2005 Destroy All Humans!

Old Crypto – New Crypto

Welcome you flesh bags covered with brightly colored fabrics. I’ve come to find out what your colony is all about! Again. Thanks to THQ Nordic for grabbing the rights to THQ‘s Destroy All Humans, we now have a beautiful 2020 remake of our 15 year old game!

THQ Nordic has kept all of the story and voicing the same, which makes for some amazing nostalgia. Running around as Crypto, the badass probing Alien from Furon. Learn from the beginning that the humans must fear us and to fear us, they must not learn from 136 the secrets of our kind and technology! So take their brain.

Thanks Pox. I’ll get right on that. Crypto as we know and love him, came to Earth to try and save his fellow Furon known as Cryptosporidium-136. Yet as we can all hear screaming through the telecommunicator, Pox wants to study the humans so he asks Crypto to go and relieve the humans of their heavy brain stems.

New Mission Screens

The visual upgrades don’t stop at just the characters and environment, but also moves into the menus and selection screens. The smoothness of moving through the menus is nothing like the original, where you were waiting minutes for your menus to pop and load. No guessing if you collected everything or finished all of the missions in one area or not, DAH! now has detailed screens to go through as you progress through the game!

As always, Crypto has his variety choices of weapons to use as well as suits. Yes, suits. And yes, we are talking about human skin suits. As you move around Rockwell, a Furon isn’t the most welcome sight as you’ll find yourself surrounded by hundreds of government black suits.

Learn about Crypto and his Furon kind, why they made their way to Earth in the first place. Why their interest in the human race is so deep, and why is everyone named either Crypto or Pox? What’s up with that?

All Crypto wants it to murder some fleshy human bags, but Pox on the other hand, has a deeper more intricate reason for sending Crypto to Earth. And let me tell you, it’s not because of how adorable Crypto looks in his little Cow suit.

All in all, Destroy All Humans! isn’t for everyone. This game offers some cute running around as an alien, destroying humans and the environment. As someone who had played this game and the others in the original series, it was nice to see some tender love and care put into the remake. This is definitely a casual game, something you could pick up and put down at anytime. The humor is definitely the best part of this game, which is a little adult rated. However, that’s what makes it fun.

HarleChan Review : 7.5/10