July 2021


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Bio-Interstellar Ark Welcome pilot, you are just in time to help B.ARK defend Earth from the cybernetic threat known as Dark Tide. Get your team [...]

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Paint The Town Red

By |2021-07-17T13:00:13+00:00July 17, 2021|Editorials, Gaming|

First-Person Brawler from South East Games If you think you've heard the name Paint The Town Red you'd be right. This game came out to [...]

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June 2021

Pixel Noir: Pecaminosa

By |2021-06-24T23:07:19+00:00June 24, 2021|Gaming, Reviews|

Pecaminosa, developed by Cereal Games and published by BadLand Publishing, is an action-adventure shooter RPG about a disgraced police officer who helps the ghost of a dead mobster atone for his sins. As well as help you find your old partner who has gone missing in the last two weeks. That’s just the first 10 seconds. 

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A Review of In Other Waters

By |2021-06-22T05:49:14+00:00June 22, 2021|Gaming|

In Other Waters, designed by Gareth Damian Martin, developed by Jump Over The Age, and Published by Fellow Traveller, is an adventure game that takes [...]

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Party With Tools: Tools Up!

By |2021-06-17T01:52:47+00:00June 17, 2021|Gaming|

Co-Op party games have been popping up and taking the world by storm lately. Tools Up! by developer The Knights of Unity is no different. Tools Up! is out [...]

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May 2021

The Protagonist EX-1 Review

By |2021-05-10T17:45:47+00:00May 10, 2021|Gaming|

The Protagonist: EX-1 was published by 3Mind Games in October 2020 and is still in beta. Available on PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox it is [...]

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DARQ: Complete Edition

By |2021-05-09T12:26:00+00:00May 9, 2021|Gaming, Reviews|

A Feardemic Production subsidiary of The Bloober Team Welcome to the DARQ Begin your journey into the darkness with Lloyd, a young boy with a [...]

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