Wrong Turn 2021

During the Pandemic, they’re all wrong turns.

Horror in 2021!
Welcome to the Horror Genre during the Pandemic! Where movies no longer go straight to theaters and you’ll pay your movie ticket price to watch it at home. I really can’t complain about that part, it usually costs me anywhere from 30-80$ to go to the movies and that’s not including buying any weird collectible stuff they’re trying to hock at you. So being able to watch my movie at home, in the comfort of my onesie was a heck of a bonus.

As some of you may know, Wrong Turn has been a long endeared series of gory, cannibalistic film.
A series of six movies that have, if nothing, kept up with it’s themes.
So we bring you to Wrong Turn 2021, is it a new movie or is it just another remake?

Well unfortunately for those who were looking for a new Wrong Turn film, this is the remake of the original 2003 film that started the series.

Best Friends on a hike in Virginia

Wrong Turn 2021 starts us off with a group of friends who are in Virginia to hike the Appalachian mountains, to refresh and reinvigorate their bodies and souls. Visiting the local scene in a little town buried in the mountains is never what you expect, so you’ve always got to go in a bit on edge. For this group, they are your average suburban kids so they really have no idea what they are getting into, going into the deep country where even the radio signals don’t reach.

The group go to a bar for their last night in town before heading up the mountains, and immediately regret going. As they face a set of people who are still thick with the racism and hate of the early days of America. Everything from a woman sitting in a mens bar, to the POC in their group. Outraged with how they were treated in the bar, they decided to say ‘to the wind’ with them and enjoy their night.
The group heads to their hotel for the evening but not before the entire town warns them not to go off of the trail. The woods are dangerous on the Appalachian mountains, and they aren’t made for city folks to go off wandering.

When you don’t listen to the locals, something a-real-bad happens to you. In this case, the group thought it’d be fun to go off trail a few times. Once they went off trail and found a beautiful waterfall, enjoying the simplicity of the water and it’s cool embrace. The next time they try to go off trail, danger immediately turns its wrong head. (Haha, see what I did there).

As they walk off trail, the first of our crew gets crushed by a giant runaway log. Screaming and causing enough ruckus to wake New York City, the team start getting picked off one by one. Leaving them in a state of shock and disbelief the group sets up camp for the night. Little do they know, it’s an old grave yard that they have made their bed in.

Sleepover in a Graveyard!

Things don’t stop there, the next day the group (or what’s left of it) finds that all of their cell phones are missing. Vanishing over-night. As they make their way through the woods, the next of their group get’s captured. This time by a set of people wearing Elk skulls on their head. A weird thing to be doing so deep in the woods.

The friends band together to try and survive the new cult they have encountered, only one of them remembering the plaque they saw earlier that had ”The Foundation” written across it.

As members of the group start dying and going missing within the woods, two unlucky souls find ways to keep hidden and moving through the stones. They come upon the village in the center of the Appalachian mountains, the Foundation. The two last survivors are captured and brought to a log home where they come to meet one of their other friends who had brutally murdered one of the Elk Skull wearers.

The society was putting him on trial for murdering one of their own, come to find out that these people were peaceful as long as you did not desecrate their lands. What was left of the group was put on trial, the murderer was proven guilty and the rest of them were found guilty of abetting and lying when questioned. Our femme fatale saves her own and her boyfriend’s lives by offering themselves as useful and strong to the community. Darius becomes one of the best hunters of the community while Jen must seduce and be with the leader of the Foundation.

The Foundation

After months of training the new community members, and brain washing anything of the new world out of them, Jen’s father searches for her, had not stopped, and ended up at the foot of the Appalachian mountains. Jen’s father gets captured by Jen, who shot him and brought him back to the community. The leaders of the Foundation sentenced him to ‘jail’. Later that night, Jen snuck past the guards and freed her father telling him that she only shot him to hide her true ideals. Jen and her father sneak out of the community and make it back to her home in the city.

Jen’s Father in town

Alas, this was not the end of Jen’s tale, because months after her escape, the leader of the Foundation finds Jen. He tries to convince her to come back to the Foundation, especially when he finds her pregnant with his child. Jen refuses, and attempts to save her family from him. The leader threatens her life as well as that of her families’ one more time before showing her how capable he is of doing so. With that Jen made him promise her family would be safe and they made their way out of the home and to the Foundation Leader’s RV.

A few moments later, the RV spins out of control. Screaming can be heard coming from the RV that screeched to a halt, as the cultists came pouring out of the RV, being chased by Jen. Enough was enough, and she presumably kills the cultists in the RV before chasing the Foundation leader down the street, stabbing him repeatedly.

If you were expecting this movie to be an exact replica of the original 2003 version, you’d be highly disappointed by the remake, as this movie has much less gore and cannibalism than it’s predecessors. This movie took it’s own Wrong Turn and changed a few of it’s basic standings from the original. If you look to the reviews, you’ll see most have given this a terrible review. Saying you’ll regret the watch.

Personally, I wouldn’t listen to them. As the movie may not be it’s original glory, it has come quite a way with learning how to handle the Horror Genre in 2021.

HarleChan Movie Review B+

Is it Spooky? Hereditary Movie Review

Winner of 2018 Sundance Film Festival

Let’s start this out by saying, horror movies aren’t what they used to be. Less based around story, and more-so based around jump scares with plenty of gore scenes. Very rarely will you come into contact with a movie that’s under 20 years old, that holds a story in any kind of sentiment. Don’t get me wrong a horror movie is a horror movie no matter how thick the B rating may be. Just some of them are ‘HARD’ to watch.

Then we have Hereditary.

Hereditary was…. Interesting. The story was one not told a hundred times over, and was actually one of the more interesting points of the film. Witches and Warlocks, it’s always witches and warlocks when children are involved, isnt it? A quiet beginning to the film, introduces us to a passing grandmother. All her family and friends surrounding her casket as her daughter started the eulogy. Very soft undertones filled these scenes, matching necklaces amongst all the women and cuffs for the men. Hereditary progresses on, past the funeral and into the rememberance of the grandmother.

Grandma with her boob out?

The immediate family of the Grandmother who passed away, start experiencing strange things in their home. At first it’s something simple, like noticing etched writing into a wall that has been there for sometime, or a pattern that was cut into the floor hidden by the carpeting. Strange things keep appearing, when your finishing up work in the office and go to leave. Do you ever get that feeling, that if you looked over after you’ve turned the light out, that you’d see a ghost? Imagine looking over, and seeing your dead mother standing next to a box of mementos you had just gone through. Would you jump? Would you run? This woman started to break down. Hiding all truth and pain away from her family. Hiding the truth.

An uncomfortable dinner

The Golden Curse

More and more, the symbol that all the women wore as necklaces and men wore as cuffs started appearing in the scenes more prominently. Sometimes it would just be off to the side on a tree, other times it would be in your face waiting for you to finally realize that it’s here. As the movie progresses, we start to enjoy the basics of the film. We’ve got a teenage boy who fancies a pretty girl, a child who just wants to stay at home and play with her toys. As per the film, we have the brother sister team stuck together as the teenager wants to go to a party, as all moms do she made sure he was going to be miserable by making him take his little sister. During this party, Charlie our little sister, eats a cake full of nuts. As it was briefly mentioned in the beginning of the film, she is allergic to nuts.

The race against time

Panic. Panic erupts into the scene as the older brother is stricken with fear of losing his little sister to the allergic reaction she was having. Quickly they raced off to the hospital like any good brother would do. But alas, this isn’t a Disney film. THOMP. The hollow empty sound of Charlies head hitting a Hydro pole. Silence. Silence as the teenage boy lays in bed, drenched in his fear and sadness. Until, you hear the mother scream as she discovers her childs headless body in the back seat of her car. Pain. Pain drips from the next set of scenes bouncing between the mother and the guilt stricken son. Now… Now comes the Golden Curse, as the days move on the pain gets unbearable between the family. The mother reaches out in a series of seances to contact her daughter at least one last time.

King Paimon

Remember we mentioned those women and men who were wearing all the same symbols? Well… Here we are, the mother is attempting to deal with her sadness by going to counseling for the deaths of her mother and her child. These women making their mark against the mother, trying to seduce her into falling for their curse of riches. More and more the family is stressed out, and one by one they’ve all started to lose their minds. The witches confer with the mother and trick her into letting ”the darkness” into her home. They use to teach her how to start the ritual for the Curse of Paimon, little does the mother know she was setting not only herself, but what remained of her family, for death. These sweet old women, who lent out a hand to the mother during her time of need are also her demise. As the spirits tormented the family inside the house, the group of witches and warlocks prepared their ritual in the place that was closest to Charlie. Her tree-house.

Death of a Family

Step by step as the mother falls into madness, dragging her family into this downward spiral. After the seance with the old ladies, she starts conducting her own at home, which not only brings Charlie into the house but the full circle of Paimon also enters. As the mother begs out for Charlie, bringing in everything that is attached with her secret ridden family. Faster and faster this family plummets into madness, experiencing the truth of their family first hand. The boxes of grandmothers things become even more so important to the family as it would explain everything going on in their lives. The Curse of Paimon, a curse coveting the male body for the riches that could be bestowed upon it. As the family panics and fights for what is left of their lives, the curse digs deeper. More and more people showing up to the house, assembling the strangest of sights. Waiting for each of them to kill themselves, so that the Curse of Paimon can take over.

In the end, the Curse of Paimon wins. Thus starting a generation of greed and riches for the Witches and Warlocks that were left to adopt the new form of Paimon.

Mommy Dearest Vibes

My personal score for this film? B. It has a decent enough story, that hasn’t been repeated a thousand times over. Yet the speed and consistency of the film lacked in certain areas. As much as they had suspense living up to their name, closer to the end of the film it turned into jump scares. When they could have continued as a suspensful film, they changed it up. Unfortunately story is the only thing truly interesting about this film, more parts of the film had been funny or in fact hilarious compared to its ‘horror’ counterparts. If you’re bored and need a movie to watch, this one should go on your list.

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