Impulse Neurocontroller: E3 PC Gaming Show

During E3’s PC Game Show we got a further look into the new Impulse Neurocontroller that Brinks Bionics has been developing. The glove is intended to improve players reaction times by 80 milliseconds, which is 32 percent faster than the average speeds. The glove is designed to read players intentions and send responses to the player’s computer by translating muscle signals to left or right clicking. This controller does not link with players nervous systems, it just reads muscle movement so there are no side effects.

This controller is only compatible with Windows 7 and 10 operating systems, and comes in various sizes. There also is a lot of onboard training due to the learning curve with using this devices. This is provided with purchase.

Gaming Controller Reads Muscle Signals to Click Mice Faster | Digital Trends

I do wonder if these gloves will be tournament legal for tournaments. I can see the glove being banned, but also being allowed for players with disabilities. It will be interesting to see in the future.

The controller has already sold out, but is normally buyable for 163.99 USD on Brinks Bionics website

Soulstice: E3 PC Gaming Show

I never knew what I needed in life was a game blended with Dark Souls and Devil May Cry, that is until the PC Gaming Show came on and gave us a new game to look forward to. Soulstice is an action RPG being developed by Reply Game Studios and will be published by Modus Games. The game is set to release sometime in 2022, but no definitive date has been set.

The game takes place in a grim and bleak world, where the Holy Kingdom of Keidas faces peril. Wraiths have invaded and are threatening civilization from the other side of the Veil. Two sisters known as Briar and Lute have been reborn as Chimera and have been granted mystical powers from their transformations. Players will get to explore this war torn world as these sisters in an action RPG style.

Soulstice on Steam

Though there is no date for release yet, players can preorder the game on Steam now and should look for updates as development progresses.

WarTales: E3 Reveal

Today during E3’s PC Show Case we got a stunning game reveal from Shiro called WarTales. This beautiful medieval strategy game will be available early access on Steam this year. Players will also have access to a playable demo during steams next festival from June 16th to the 22nd.

WarTales allows players to control a company that will travel throughout dangerous lands. It is the player’s job to keep them fed and paid while they encounter obstacles that are more life like than fantasy. The combat will be turn based but everything else will be survival and management. Players will also have access to train your mercenaries with different jobs, skills, and weapons.

This game will also feature interesting events such as the plague that will cause your party to go hungry and mad, as well as medieval churches and other groups. The enemies faced will be rogues and animals such as wolves, and all regions are open to travel in any way players want meaning this game is far from linear and will be bleak and life like.

Lemnis Gate: E3 PC Show Case

Today during the PC Show Case on E3 we got a good look into Lemnis Gate, a turn based strategy FPS being developed and published by Ratloop Games Canada. In this new groundbreaking 4D adventure we get to control operatives on various planets near Earth and fight through various 25 second time loops. The game is announced to finally release this coming August 3rd for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

While controlling these operatives in this new TBS game, players will have 25 seconds to complete a turn, which can consist over out maneuvering enemies or setting up strategies for the next turn. This game will call for strong critical thinking whether it be planning your moves ahead of time or simply fixing past mistakes given the short amount of time you have to execute.

PC Players will get early open beta access this coming July, and luckily for Xbox Players and PC players the game will be available on Xbox.

Babylon’s Fall: E3 Update

We finally got a further look into Babylon’s Fall during E3’S Square Enix show case, and it looks gorgeous. The last information we received was during the State of Play on December 10th last year, and fans have been eager to see more. Though we did not get a release date yet, we did get some insight on the development and reassurance that it is still in the works.

For those that do not know of the game, Babylon’s Fall is an action RPG in the works with Platinum Games and Square Enix. We don’t have much insight for the game, or it’s story. What we do know is that the story takes place in a world that promised a tower of dreams over a thousand years ago. This tower, known as Babylon has caused ruin and chaos throughout this world, and it looks like adventurers are fighting their way to the top in the gameplay footage we have seen.

Much still remains a mystery, especially with the game first announced at E3 in 2018. However the update and footage is reassuring considering what happened with Scalebound. The developers also advised they will provide more updates as they can, hopefully that will come with some more story information as well. From the little bit we have seen, the gameplay looks very good and the environment is aesthetically pleasing.

Outer Worlds 2: E3 Reveal

Outer Worlds is a newer franchise with the first title that released October 25th 2019. While the first game is still fairly popular, today during E3’s Microsoft/ Bethesda showcase Outer Worlds 2 was announced! The sequel will be releasing on Game Pass for Xbox One and Xbox Series S and X. No release date is in sight, in fact the trailer itself joked that only the developers have the title figured out so far.

Outer Worlds is better known as one of Obsidians top action RPGs, and sends a deeper message for bashing capitalism. You play as a creatable character that awakens on a planet where their ship has crashed. You stumble upon a conspiracy against other fellow colonists of Halcyon. Players get to choose their own path, literally, with the help of unique companions from each world along the way. What made the first Outer Worlds so special is that players can choose how they want to play through the game, were it be shooting their enemies with a hefty flame thrower or shotgun, or stealth their way and avoid nearly all combat.

While we don’t know any information in regards to the story, what we do know from Obsidian is that it is the same Outer Worlds, but a new crew, new story, and new solar system. In addition to that information we have that very flashy title to look forward to. I can’t help but feel so much excitement and anticipation to see where the next game will take us. I do hope that they will keep the same style as to where you can play through the game however you want, in addition to killing whoever you want and change the game entirely.

Hades Coming to XBOX: E3 Microsoft Showcase

Hades was a massive success and won Best Indie Game and Action Game at the Game Awards. Supermassive games developed and published this game for PC and Switch on September 17th, 2020. Today during Microsoft and Bethesda’s E3 Showcase this critically acclaimed title will now be available on Game Pass and available on PlayStation as well this coming August 13th. For PC players out there that use Game Pass, you will also have access to Hades.

For those who have not played Hades, the story Follows Hade’s son Zagreus whom is trying to escape the Underworld to leave his uncaring father and join Zeus at Olympus. Other Gods such as Poseidon and Athena grant him boons along the way to aid his escape out of the massive areas in the Underworld like Tartarus, Asphodel, and Elysium. Not only the Gods are aiding Zagreus in his journey, but a lot of the local residents of the Underworld are aiding the young God as well like Eurydice and Charon who sells him various goods and grants safe passage. The gameplay is insanely fun as a newer dungeon crawler due to the various boons that grant additional abilities to Zagreus’s moves and various weapons.

For those buying it on the PS4 and PS5, the game will feature a free PS5 upgrade for PS5 users. The games performance will feature 1080P at 60 frames per second on the Playstation 4, while performing at 4k and 60 frames per second on the PS5. PS5 users will also experience extra features via the controller such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers according to the creative director of Supermassive Games Greg Kasavin on the PlayStation blog. Xbox users will get to play the game for free if they have Game Pass. The performances will be the same, Xbox One users will play the game at 1080p and 60 frames per second, while the Series X and Series S players will experience the game in 4k at 60 frames. The only downside for these platforms will be that unlike the Nintendo Switch, they will not support Cross Save from PC to Console.

The Year E3 Went Digital 2.0

E3 in 2021 is online and open for applications! How exciting! With so many reveals and updates this E3 could be as exciting as years previous.

We have influencer week up first with E3, if you are lucky enough to get accepted into the program you’ll be looking at sneak peaks and exclusive interviews with Devs and Exhibitions alike.

After that, the party doesn’t stop! June 12 will be the opening of E3, and Day One is promising lots of showcases and a pre-show broadcast. Ubisoft and Gearbox will be starting up the event with their exciting news, things like the Borderlands Movie and more.

Day One of E3 Digital

With Ubisoft we are looking forward to the announcements for any new games coming out, as well as updates on some fan favourites like For Honor, Rainbow Six and Watch Dogs. With a new Rainbow game around the corner, updates for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Far Cry 6 making its mark on the event, it will be a crazy ride. As if that wasn’t enough for Ubisoft fans, they will also be announcing their new TV Series Werewolves Within!

That same day, Gearbox will be wrapping up the show with their new games and movie. Gearbox has been pretty hush hush about what they will be bringing to E3 as they are heavily involved with the Xbox and Bethesda showcase the next day. However hopefully we will hear about their new movie, maybe some updates to BL3? Who knows? We are excited nonetheless.

Day Two of E3 Digital

Up first from Xbox and Bethesda, they will be combining their presentations and this will make for an exciting show as always with these two. Xbox and Bethesda will be live streaming their showcase to Twitch, YouTube etc. This will make for a lot of fun as chats on Twitch and YouTube always get interesting.

What new games will we see? Will we get an announcement for a new Elder Scrolls? Will Duke Nukem make a comeback?! Find out June 13th.

Square Enix will also be doing their showcase the same day in the afternoon. We can look forward to the announcement of Babylon’s Fall, a Square Enix Montreal game coming out. Also a closer look at Life is Strange: True Colors and the Life is Strange Remastered Collection! Along with details about Black Panther – War for Wakanda expansion for Marvel’s Avengers.

Day Three of E3 Digital

Capcom, Take-Two Interactive, Mythical Games, Freedom Games, Razer, and unannounced indie developers will take the main stage on day three of E3!

Capcom will be announcing a slew of new games as well as; the Great Ace Attorney Collection, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, Resident Evil 4 for Oculus VR, and Pragmata. Capcom also reportedly has more Ace Attorney and Resident Evil games they want to talk about, so we will have to wait and see!

Take-Two Interactive will also be holding Showcase that day, details to be announced closer to date.

Day Four of E3 Digital

Day Four! Nintendo! Nintendo will have a brand new Nintendo Direct for E3 exclusively! As well as introducing Nintendo Treehouse LIVE which will be held immediately after Direct.

There is a ton of news that could be announced between Nintendo and Bandai Namco, and we will have more from these panels as we get closer to the day!

EA Play will be happening on July 22nd and will not be a part of E3 Digital this year, but we look forward to any new Star Wars projects that they can offer.

After all is said and done E3 will be as exciting as it always has been. We may not be able to high-five each other but at least we are able to finally get together in the name of video games.

Here’s to you E3 Digital.

Sonic the Hedgehog Collection is speeding our way

It’s the 30th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, right? So…why don’t we have something spectacular planned for the blue blur? Sure, there’s a sequel to his hit movie coming next year, but where are the new games, man?! Well, apparently Sega does have something cool in the works, and it could be revealed as soon as next month’s E3 show.

A retail listing over at French website Sogamely has appeared, hinting at a new Sonic Collection that could make its debut sometime this summer. It’s merely called Sonic Collection EU Edition in the listing, though obviously that’s not the final name.

As far as what it could include, rumors indicate that the collection will have remasters of both the original Sonic the Hedgehog and the wildly popular Sonic the Hedgehog 2, utilizing the Star Engine technology that Christian Whitehead developed to bring both Sonic CD’s re-release and Sonic Mania Plus to life. That would mean huge things for Sonic fans, who have enjoyed both of these games immensely over the years.

What else could the collection include? Well, there’s possibilities galore, from popular titles like Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles to long-lost titles like Sonic R and Sonic Advance. Sega hasn’t detailed this yet, but, again, E3 and the Summer Game Fest are coming up, and either of these could be home to such an announcement.

This, alongside the rumored HD port of the Wii platformer Sonic Colors, could make for good news for Sonic fans everywhere. We’ll see what Sega has planned over the course of the next few weeks. But, needless to say, summer’s likely to go fast!