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Naughty Dog Adds Survival Mode to Uncharted 4

Naughty Dog will be adding co-op play to Uncharted 4 in the form of the new Survival Mode. Up to 3 Player teams will face off against 50 waves of increasingly difficult enemies in the new feature which will include a dedicated progression system, large arsenal, and challenges. Read More


Borderlands 3 Confirmed

Borderlands fans rejoice! Gearbox confirmed at a PAX East panel that they will be producing Borderlands 3 after they complete production on Battleborn and its DLC. Word of a third Borderlands installment broke in April when Randy Pitchford of Gearbox Software was quoted at a PAX East panel stating, “Obviously, there is going to be another…

Uncharted 4 Bounty Hunters DLC

Continuing with their mandate to release free, new online content regularly; Naughty Dog rolled out their latest milestone on their DLC Roadmap for Uncharted 4: Bounty Hunters. Some of the Naughty Dog team were live on twitch to review the new DLC, including Scott Lowe, Senior Communications Manager, and several of the teams game developers.  This…

Uncharted 4 Drops First DLC for FREE

Naughty Dog went live on Twitch this afternoon to break down their first multiplayer DLC. The DLC, dubbed Lost Treasures, will drop with tomorrow’s 1.08 patch for the game will include a host of content for players. The patch will also add a number of features to Uncharted 4 multiplayer including a much requested ranking system….