New Final Fantasy Franchise Game Announced!

Many of you are familiar with the success of the Final Fantasy Franchise especially its most recent success with the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Due to this success Square Enix has announced they will continue with the remake series and add new games from the franchise to be remade similarly with new mechanics as given by feedback from the gaming community. 

To pick the next game coming out Square Enix looked to its fans by posting a poll around the web and told every person that could to vote. The gaming community did not disappoint coming out in droves to answer this mini poll. The games up for the poll were the games listed as the most loved by sales. I mean, of course, they are a business after all. The games listed in the poll were:

  • Final Fantasy 1
  • Final Fantasy: Crisis Core
  • Final Fantasy 8
  • Final Fantasy 12
  • Final Fantasy 10
  • Final Fantasy 10-2
  • Final Fantasy 6
  • Final Fantasy 9

Now with this lineup, it was extremely easy to see who the winner would be. Of course, to keep the suspense they are keeping it a secret to allow gamers to guess which one it would be. Months have passed with no information. Some people are wondering which one it could be. Some information leaks led people to believe it might be Final Fantasy 12 and they just threw out the poll but Square Enix wouldn’t do that to our heartstrings. Ignore all the other times they did I promise they didn’t this time. 

However, I have used my connections to get the real answer. You’re welcome. I take gifts in the form of snacks. Back to the content! Through a source within the company that asked not to be named has announced the winner and that they are taking great pains to finish this project promptly so that there is none of the tension on the team like when they were making Final Fantasy 7 Remake. This poll had a great turn out so they couldn’t let down the masses. A whole 1.6 million answers received to name our winner. 

Final Fantasy 10-2

That’s right fans! You heard it here first. The favorite of all the Final Fantasy Franchise Fans by a whopping 77% (Source: has chosen Final Fantasy 10-2 to be the next remake made by Square Enix for the enjoyment of the gaming community. I know what you must be thinking. OMG YES!! THIS IS WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED!! We here at DVS are happy to bring you this news first. They are hoping to have the game out by the holiday season of 2022 so we have a bit of time to enjoy the second episode of Final Fantasy 7 Remake due to come out this holiday season. Please tune in as we bring you more gaming news here at DVS. Stay Deviant!

Gyromite 70 announced for Nintendo Switch

We know a lot of you are hurting with the ending of Super Mario Bros. 35 on Nintendo Switch. But fret not, as another beloved classic has returned with a multiplayer twist!

Nintendo has announced that Gyromite 70 will soon make its way to Nintendo Switch, bringing with it all the fun and excitement of the original NES game. In this fun adventure, players will compete with their own separate Professor Hectors, making their way through laboratories as quickly as they can while avoiding getting crushed by pistons. They’ll also need to defeat as many Smicks as possible in order to stay alive and become the top Gyromite player in a field of 70.

“It’s exciting to see Gyromite make a return after all these years!” said Doug Bowser, president of Nintendo of America. “Players will be able to compete against one another in this fast-paced game to see whose Professor Hector will come out on top. And we’ve got an assortment of R.O.B. stickers for players to unlock and share with their friends. Move over, Mario!”

On top of that, Gyromite 70 will introduce the R.O.B. Switch gameplay mode. For the first time ever, players can mimic the classic NES robot, using their hands to move around like a robot to randomly open and close pipes on rival players.

“It’s a game that’s all about competition!” said the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto. “And you don’t want to smash Professor Hector anytime soon. Also, please don’t misinterpret that as Professor Hector coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I’m already in trouble for confirming Waluigi coming to the game. I’ve said too much!”

Gyromite 70 will be available for a limited time on the Nintendo Switch Online service, for subscribers to enjoy at no charge. The original NES Gyromite game is coming as well, for those that need a little bit of practice.

“Hey, it’s me, Reggie,” said Reggie Fils-Aime, former president of Nintendo of America. “See if you can beat my Gyromite 70 score. I dare you.” You can download Gyromite 70 for Nintendo Switch starting today, April 1st.

Kanye West Named Creative Director of The Sims

Rapper, producer, fashion designer, and 2020 presidential candidate Kanye West is taking on yet another project. West has been named the new creative director of the long-running video game franchise The Sims, according to sources familiar with the deal. It is rumored that the award-winning celebrity plans to bring much of his expertise to the video game world through this venture.

“Kanye is very excited about this new project,” a source close to West said. Electronic Arts spokesperson Yu bin Plaid has said that Kanye’s home in Cody, Wyoming will feature in the game for players to customize and that all characters created in the upcoming Sims game will be able to wear Yeezys and other Kanye-created apparel. “We know the new Yeezys sold out in under a minute, so Kanye wants to apologize to the fans by making them available virtually, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Plaid said.

Fans have previously paid tribute to West and his soon-to-be ex-wife Kim Kardashian in the game. Now Kanye is preparing to have him take over the game’s creative direction. Despite West’s marriage deteriorating in recent months, he is optimistic about this new venture. In a series of texts sent exclusively to DVS Gaming, he said, “If this project is successful, I might just buy the entire Sims franchise,” he said. West has been reported as the richest African-American man in United States history by Entrepreneur. “In fact, I might just bring the whole Sims franchise into my mansion, create a VR version. Now you can live the Kanye experience fully!”

West also described a bunch of other projects he’d like to get done in conjunction with The Sims, including Sonic the Hedgehog-inspired Yeezys, and a soundtrack for a future video game. “I’d love to do a soundtrack for Minesweeper,” he told DVS Gaming. “It’s such an iconic game and brings me back to the creative process I did with my music, fashion, and other interests.”

West will take over as creative director of The Sims immediately.