Waifu Uncovered Nintendo Switch review: an interesting distraction

For the most part, when you find mature-themed anime fare on Steam, it’s usually a poor, flimsy game built around naked characters. Because that’s what people really play this sort of thing for, right? Not something of texture, just “Where dem boobies at?” But it’s interesting when something comes along that actually offers some bang for its buck. (Boy, the wording on that one.)

That game is Waifu Uncovered, a shooter that initially made its debut on Steam a few months back. Now it’s on Nintendo Switch. Yes, a Nintendo platform. And its theme? Strip shooting.

You don’t actually strip inside your ship, mind you. Instead, you take on enemies in the foreground while collecting gems as anime women strip down to essentially nothing in the background. At first, everything is subtly censored – but as you go on, you can unlock, um, quite a bit.

So how does Waifu Uncovered fare as far as general gameplay? Well, it really depends on what you’re going in for.

Fun Shoot Em Up Action, Though a Bit Repetitive

First off, the shooter portion of Waifu is actually pretty good. The controls aren’t flimsy, but instead quite responsive, giving you a fair chance to wipe out enemies with both bullets and a not-so-subtle superbomb. On top of that, there’s a bit of challenge in collecting gems while you avoid bullets, as you can only take so many hits before you get wiped out.

Someone’s happy to see you.

But, as expected with a game like this, it’s easy to get distracted with what’s happening in the background. The suggested ladies in the game don’t mind stripping as you make progress; and by the time the boss battle comes around, you’ll try to balance your attention between the background and the foreground.

It’s a bit on the short side – there are only so many ladies here to, ahem, uncover – but Waifu Uncovered plays its part out generally. It doesn’t set out to innovate, but instead tries to be an entertaining time. And for fans of this sort of thing, they’ll happily indulge. (For the rest of us, well, there’s Ikaruga and other more polished fare.)

An Interesting Presentation

Obviously the big draw for a game like Waifu Uncovered is the collection of anime babes. And they aren’t bad. Sure, some are a bit too suggestive, but they fit the role that they need to play here. And we’re certain a few of you out there will pick and choose your favorites.

The enemy design could use some work, tho. They’re bland for the most part, with the same types of foes trying to take you down. This includes spinny angry thing, as well as floating cats that have a grudge against you for some reason. More imagination (maybe dudes trying to prevent you from seeing the girls?) would’ve fared better here.

But, surprisingly enough, the audio is great. Along with ladies’ voices to, ahem, prompt you to keep going (“NICE!”), there’s also some excellent music, perfect for listening to on headphones. Yes, a game like this can actually have great audio to go along with its suggestive visuals.

Nice For the Price, If You’re In the Mood For It

The final big selling point for Waifu Uncovered is how much it is. It only goes for $6.99, which is far more suitable than most big-budget fare. And it doesn’t take up much download space either. But just make sure you know what you’re getting into here. It’s very adult oriented and doesn’t hold back. Even the bosses make suggestive comments.

Talk about being given a sporting chance.

Waifu isn’t a game for everyone, and there are some that might even balk at the fact it exists in the first place. But, as short and, ahem, suggestive as it is, it has more value than most adult-themed fare out there, especially with its collection of women and modes. (We’re not even sure how to approach “one handed mode” without snickering.) It’s fun to play, and the difficulty ramps up in just the right way. So if you’re into this sort of thing, it wouldn’t hurt to add it to your library. Relax, we won’t tell your mother. (Well, maybe Eddie’s.)

RATING: 7.5/10

It doesn’t revolutionize the shooting genre, but Waifu Uncovered has much more going for it than the usual adult-oriented fare.

Diablo and Overwatch Rumored to get Animated TV Adaptations

Overwatch Animated Shorts

Since Overwatch’s launch, Blizzard has released some stunning animations to show players the character lore and to explain essential events in the world’s history. We’ve seen a deathly dual between Hanzo and Genji, the reunion between McCree and Ashe, the loss of Mei’s team, and many other heart-wrenching scenarios revolving around the heroes and villains of the game.

After watching these animated shorts, it’s no surprise that an animated show based on Overwatch’s lore may be in the works. While nothing is confirmed yet, some leaked information may prove that both Overwatch and Diablo may be on more than just our computer screens in the future.

McCree from Overwatch animated “Reunion” Courtesy of GameSpot

The Reveal

According to the LinkedIn profile of Nick van Dyk, the co-president of Activision Blizzard Studios, he states that he worked on both a Diablo and an Overwatch series. It seems that Diablo will get an adaptation “rendered in anime style,” which is in pre-production and will release globally through Netflix. Based on this rudimentary description, I imagine it will be artistically comparable to Castlevania’s adaptation currently on Netflix.

Further down, van Dyk also lists that he “developed and sold an animated series based on Blizzard’s Overwatch franchise.” There is no confirmation about this project, and it’s not yet clear who bought the series, but it does suggest potential in a future animated show.

Even if this information is accurate, it does not mean we’ll ever see these shows. The Overwatch series has only been bought, not greenlit, and the Diablo show can only be said to have been in pre-production at some point. If we do see some new animated series of the two, they will join the ranks of video game turned show along with games like Castlevania and The Witcher. Both show a lot of potential.

Blizzard has not yet made an official announcement surrounding either project.