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Surprise 7.3 PTR Build Introduced Last Night

A surprise 7.3 PTR build was deployed last night, with a few spell, profession, and mount updates. There was also an updated Broken Isles map, featuring Argus in the corner.

With 7.3 going live in about two weeks, Blizzard has begun to dip our toes in the water so we are a little more comfortable when it drops on August 29th. Changes to Shaman and Warrior were made this morning; in addition,  the updated Broken Isles map can be seen below.

Most notably, some mounts which were previously marked as “Argus” now have sources pointing to specific rare NPCs–Wrangler Kravos drops  Maddened ChaosrunnerHoundmaster Kerrax drops Vile Fiend. Also, the “PH” text was removed from all of the 7.3 reputation mounts,  meaning the sought after Lightforged Warframe will cost 500,000 gold.  The Vile Fiend mount is much sought-after mount and Houndmaster Kerrax in Argus in the Antorian Wastes drops it. Other mounts include the Amethyst Ruinstrider, Beryl Ruinstrider,  Russet Ruinstrider, Umber Ruinstrider, Umber Ruinstrider,  Cerulean Ruinstrider, Sable Ruinstrider (which are all Talbuk models), Biletooth Gnasher (whose bite is worse than its gurgling bark) and finally the PVP mount, Fierce Gladiator’s Storm Dragon.

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