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Shaq and The White House Run Healthcare Esports Event

The event is to help spread the word about healthcare coverage in the U.S.

Shaquille O'Neal, former NBA star, wants gamers to tune into Twitch on December 12th to watch Esports live from the White House. The Livestream event is a sponsored event to try and get people to sign up for health care coverage at According to the government, a lot of millennials are uninsured, and the government is attempting to appeal to millions of gamers using Esports.

The Event organizers say that many people remain unaware that they can get healthcare coverage cheap. "In fact, most consumers can find a plan for under $75 a month," states the official post. "Gamers, like everyone, deserve high-quality health care coverage. Engaging the expanding gamer community is part of the Administration’s effort to meet people where they are to help them find a health care plan that’s best for them."

"That’s why last year, many from the eSports industry, including ESL, and GEER, helped launch an initiative to encourage more gamers to sign up for health care at And this year, HHS has forged innovative partnerships with digital platforms to help young adults understand that quality, affordable health care is within reach." Said Officials. You can watch the event on Monday, December 12, on the Get Covered Twitch channel.