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Russian Pokémon Go Player Put On Terrorist Watch List

Ruslan Sokolovsky, Pokemon Go

Things aren’t getting much better for the Russian YouTuber who was arrested last year for playing Pokémon Go. It seems that the Russian government is bringing down the hammer on him.

Ruslan Sokolovsky in Church

Well now, you remember when Russian vlogger Ruslan Sokolovsky was arrested last year for playing Pokémon Go? He was arrested for filming himself and, according to local investigators, “inciting hatred and offending religious sensibilities” in the All Saints Church in Russia. He was detained for two months. At the time of his arrest, Ruslan stated that he did not see himself as a terrorist—an idiot, but not a terrorist. After his trial, he was sentenced to three years suspended sentence.

Unfortunately for the Russian YouTuber, matters have only gone downhill for him. As of today, Sokolovsky was added to a terrorist watch list. According to his lawyer, Ruslan is on a list of  7,523 other individuals, with his name being 5,874. All of his bank accounts have been frozen, and he has been denied access to them; for now, it is uncertain whether or not he will be able to have access to the frozen accounts or if he will be taken off the terrorist list.

Ruslan Sokolovsky
Ruslan Sokolovsky

In Russia, the church is seen as a sacred place. According to Russian laws, what Sokolovsky did was considered blasphemy. Sadly, while some may feel it’s outrageous, Ruslan must face the consequences to his actions. Back in 2012 the Russian punk band Pussy Riot was arrested under the same Blasphemy law as Sokolovsky.

Source: TASS

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  • I believe if they feel they have cause for concern, then it is perfectly acceptabkle to put him on the watch list, I would much rather have them be safe then later on regret not doing so.