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Rise & Shine Preview

Rise exploring a poisoned city

From Adult Swim Games and Super Awesome Hyperdimensional Mega Team comes the insanity that is Rise & Shine. The once peaceful planet of Gamearth is now under attack from Space Grunts. Rise, a young boy, witnesses The Legendary Hero killed in front of him and bestows the Guide (known as Shine) a sacred gun, telling him to give Shine to the king. Rise encounters a myriad of enemies by the dozen, trying to take Shine away from Rise. Battling mechs, zombies, and space grunts, Rise must accept the path that has been revealed to him and step up to the occasion that other heroes before him have done: Save the world.

Testing your persistence, skill, and patience, this game delivers a challenging game with beautifully hand-drawn levels layered with 16-bit design to give a unique spin on a classic feel.


Starting off, this game is already awesome by being the classic 2D side-scroller. It makes me feel like I am playing an old cabinet games at the arcade. The gameplay is very fast-paced and tests how responsive you can be dodging and evading a hail of gunfire from enemies.  If you have ever played any of the Metal Slug games, you know what you're in for.

Rise evading enemy fire
Rise evading enemy fire

There are different types of ammunition that you switch between. Normal and electrical bullets affect different enemies, while different gun settings (such as the homing bullet and grenades) are added to the mix.  You have some puzzles to figure out, which adds a very fun dynamic to the game when the pressure is on doing trick shots in boss battles. You will die a lot, but those moments of macabre death are humorous (like dying within 3 seconds of starting).


Final Thoughts

If you like games that reek of nostalgia, then you will definitely enjoy this game. There are easter eggs galore throughout this game, which makes it fun trying to see what else they've hidden in this game. Any gamer would enjoy something like this. It has a little bit of something for everyone; shooting, puzzles, nods to classic games. You can feel the love that was put into this game from how much detail and thought went into this.

Rise & Shine is set to be released on January 12th, 2017.

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