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Rezrog Releases May 31st On Steam


Indie developer Soaphog takes a different approach to rogue like games, adding tabletop JRPG elements and a procedurally generated world, players will never experience the same dungeons twice.

Rezrog is a table-top dungeon crawler style game with JRPG elements. Developed by Soaphog Studios and Published by Kasedo Games the game follows a group of adventurers as they set on their journey to defeat evil and restore balance back to their land of Rezrog.


On their journey, they must defeat their foes in a quest to save the world by harnessing the power of magical gems. But, the gems potency has caused evil to rear its ugly face. You will have an array of heroes to play from, but only one can go on an adventure at a time.

The game boasts a unique mechanic with rogue like elements if the hero becomes captured you lose all items and equipment that player possessed, and you must rescue the player with another character.If all your characters should become captured, that’s the end of the line for your journey. So, planning is key.

Each character possesses unique skills that can be upgraded and acquired a you make your way through the game. With seven character classes to play, and over 60 skills to upgrade Rezrog hopes to make different play styles available. As you progress through turn-based combat, you will experience procedurally generated dungeons with a large variety of items you can craft, upgrade and equip items to battle enemies as you battle through 100 dungeons.


Based out of Europe, the three developers at Soaphog studios are now focusing on creating RPG games. The studio has already successfully released a few games on the mobile market such as Iepazisimies. Rezog will be available on Steam May 31st on Steam

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