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Resident Evil 7 Now Has a Candle

Apart from the Nosulus Rift, smell is something that has been completely missed by both VR and Gaming in general until now. Capcom has released a limited edition 4D scented candle, which is supposed to be used while playing Resident Evil 7. The Wood, Sweat and Fears Candle is supposed to simulate the smell of the Baker household and swarm your home in the scent of old timber and leather.

Resi 7 4D Candle

So what makes this candle cool enough to be called 4D? That's because the candle triggers an extra smell while you are cutting down zombies in VR. While surrounded in the stench of rotten corpses, players will be fully absorbed into the game. The candle will also have an 18 – 20 hour burn time, which is supposed to give you enough time to complete the game within one candle. This means we could be looking at a maximum of 20 hours playtime within the games campaign.


If you find yourself with a burning desire to get your hands on this candle, you can purchase it from for only £14.99 until January 20th. The candle will be available four days before the game launches.

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