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Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days Released

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days

Big Star Games is hoping to bring to due justice for Quinton Tarantino’s cult classic movie: Reservoir Dogs. The last rendition of the game flopped and left fans disappointed.

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days

Quinton Tarantino’s film debut Reservoir Dogs released back in 1992 to mixed reviews. Since then, it has become a cult staple in his film career. During the PS2 days back in 2006, developers Volatile games and Edios Interactive released a 3rd person shooter adaptation of the movie. Much like the movie, the game received mixed reviews minus any later recognition. Today, indie developers Big Star Games announce they are going to take a proverbial shot at making a respectable Reservoir Dogs game. The studio is made up of developers who have worked on games such as Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Split/Second, and Payday, but the team has only created mobile games up until this point. Big Star Games is not working with Tarantino directly, but are working with the company who owns the rights: Lionsgate.

Big Star Games will be taking a different approach to their version of the game, in multiple ways. First, instead of the game being a 3rd person shooter, the game will be a fast paced top-down game much like Hotline Miami. Also, none of them look like the original characters from the movie, and the art style has a more cartoony feeling with cel shading. Each level represents a heist where players will control two to three different characters from the team.

One of the unique mechanics that will be offered in this game is called Time BackTime Back is what will allow one player to control each of these characters in a real-time gameOne of the most notable differences from this game to the previous game is the characters. To go more in depth with Time Back, Players will start in control of one character. A clock in the lower right corner will be counting up as you move through the level. You can let it go as long as you want. When positioned with your first character, you tap the space bar and begin controlling the second character at the beginning of the level. This gives the game a more strategic approach.

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody days

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days launches today for PC, with an Xbox One version planned for later in 2017. What do you think of Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days? Do you think the Time Back mechanic will be a solid foundation for the game? How about the art style? Let us know in the comments, or talk to us on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord!