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Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Blood Orchid Is Coming This Month With A New Map

A new map, new weapons, and new operators are we can look forward to with the next update.

Ubisoft has officially unveiled the next major update for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Blood Orchid. The update is set in Hong Kong, which brings two new operators from Hong Kong’s Special Duties Unit (SDU), a new Operator from Poland’s Grupa Reagowania Operacyjno-Manewrowego (GROM), a new Hong Kong map, and new weapons.

This is the second update in the game’s second year of content and comes after a three-month hiatus that saw a shift in development focus. Operation Health comes to a close soon, having now fixed many of the long-standing problems.

We only have a few important details at this point, as the new season won’t be fully revealed until the Rainbow Six Pro League finals at Gamescom, but Ubisoft says that “after a focus on improving the game’s health for the past three months, this content update introduces both a free new map and three brand new operators.” One of the new operators is Polish, from the GROM counter-terrorism unit, and the other two will be from the Hong Kong Special Duties Unit. The update will also introduce several new customization items.

The new map will quite possibly be set in a theme park: Ubisoft hasn’t said anything about it officially, but as noticed by PCGamesN, the map appeared briefly (and, most likely, unintentionally) on the Rainbow Six Siege online Tactical Board. The teaser image that appeared on Twitter also features a roller coaster rail, although it doesn’t look to be in the best of shape—an abandoned amusement park, perhaps, where the good guys and the bad guys can go about their business without disturbing anyone.

The large setting is likely to be loosely based on the Ocean Park water park, which is just south of Hong Kong and is the largest amusement park in the city.

The new Operation Blood Orchid map will be available for free to all players on August 29, as will the new operators for season pass holders; players who don’t have the pass will have to wait until September 5. The Rainbow Six Pro League finals will take place August 25-26.

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