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PUBG Showcases Their Vaulting Animations

We get our first look at the new vaulting mechanic that is in progress. No date has been announced as to what patch we can expect the new animations.

This past E3 PLAYERUNKNOWN Aka Brendan Greene announced that they would be working on a vaulting, climbing, and diving through windows mechanic for players of the game as well as other mechanics to the game. Bluehole has been very active in developing the game as well as giving weekly live streams giving updates. Today, they have shown the first progress in the vaulting mechanic.

While it may seem like an insignificant addition, this small animation will help cut down traveling time tremendously and broaden the options for players who are under fire or trying to move more freely.

Keep in mind that this is still a work in progress and still needs some polishing. In the video, you can see that not only will players be able to vault over shorter walls, they will also be able to climb walls that are a little higher. This will help with getting up to those awnings and rooftops that may be difficult to reach normally.Players will also be able to negate their climbs so they don’t vault into a bad situation, or they can use to get a quick glimpse over a tall wall.

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In other PUBG news, IGN released exclusive statistics provided by Bluehole that broke down numbers from how many games have been played, how many people died from specific weapons, to how many miles people have run. Some of the numbers are quite impressive, how ever the one that seems to be questionable is the longest kill. According to the numbers, the longest kill was roughly 6.7k meters, which is roughly the whole map. Unfortunately, not much detail went into explaining how that feat was possible.

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