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Everything We Know: Prey

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We explore the dangerous new world of Arkane Studios latest project, Prey. From launch details to gameplay; here is what we know. 

Prey Phantom

Prey is an immersive experience, set aboard a space station orbiting the moon. Players will be having this experience with Morgan Yu, who's gender is up to the player. Morgan awakens to find that there has been an outbreak of aliens on the space station, aliens who can mimic everyday objects like coffee cups, trash cans, and office chairs. Survival and adaptability are the keys to this sci-fi thriller from Arkane Studios. 


Prey is set to release sometime in 2017, with no clear details pointing to a specific date as of yet. It will be available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. For those of you worried about a rocky release, Arkane's Co-creative director Rafael Colantonio says in an interview that Prey will be "really flawless when we ship" on PC, there will be more QA time and a different, better-understood engine.


Prey Mimics

Prey is set in the year 2032 where U.S President John F. Kennedy survived the assassination attempt and went on to direct more money into the space program. Talos 1, a space prison designed to orbit the moon and also acts as a research station. It's aboard this space station that Morgan Yu finds himself.  The game's reveal trailer shows off a kind of groundhog day sequence, although we're not sure what it means yet if anything at all.


Prey's story details are far and few between, here's what we know: It's the year 2032, you wake up on Talos 1 quickly realizing that something is wrong. There's been an outbreak aboard the space station, the aliens that Talos 1 was holding have broken out and killed almost everyone. From what we've seen the only objective is to survive, but we think getting out of there would be a pretty big concern. In an interview with Game Informer Arkane's creative director  Raphael Colantonio, and lead designer Ricardo Bare said "The story would be fairly dark" and "whether or not the game would have a main antagonist would depend on your point of view"

Neuromods and Abilities

As seen in the reveal trailer Yu seems to have undergone some form of experimentation, but through the experimentation, Yu can now learn and use some of these aliens abilities. Probably the most talked about ability in the game right now is Mimic Matter.

Prey Mimic Matter

Mimic Matter

Mimic Matter allows the player to take the form of anything not bolted down in the environment. Don't think you can take on that alien in the next room? Just take on the form of a coffee cup, or plate, and sneak right past them.  Mimic matter can also be used to fit through small spaces to gain access to a new area.  It can also be used in conjunction with another ability called Superthermal to launch you into the air to reach new areas you may not have been able to before.


Superthermal is essentially a plasma land mine, that deals huge amounts of damage to enemies within its blast radius.

Kinetic Blast

Kinetic Blast emits a psychic wave of energy that sends everything in sight flying backward at very high speeds.

Lift Field

The name just about says it all. It creates a field that can propel you into the air to reach new heights, or blast the Typhon into the air instead to make them easy to get rid of.


This ability allows you to control other humans.  I don't need to explain why that's awesome and useful.


Acts like an EMP of sorts. If Mimics are about to turn into something you can use Psychoshock to disable there ability's for a short time.


Leverage is like super strength, it allows you to pick up large objects and throw them at enemy's at high speeds, or it can be used to clear paths.

Remote Manipulation

where Leverage is like hulk smash-throwing things around, Remote Manipulation is a more precise counterpart of that. it also allows you to very accurately move things from far away.


Prey GLOO Cannon

Almost every game has that one weapon that makes players go crazy for it! For Prey, this is definitely the GLOO Cannon. This weapon fires instantly setting glue to stop enemies right where they stand, allowing you to make quick work of them. It also allows you to traverse the environment in new, and inventive ways, like a ramp up a wall. It can even patch holes in pipes allowing you to pass by completely unharmed, this weapon really is amazing.

Recycler Charge

Prey Recycler Charge

Recycler Charges are like black hole grenades except that they reduce any inanimate objects to materials that can be used in crafting, such as boxes, filing cabinets, and even paper. It also doubles as a weapon that can suck up any enemy within its range.


Science it's being made by Arkane Studios, Preys crafting system will be quite easy to understand given past experience from Dishonored and Dishonored 2. As we saw in the in the eight minutes of gameplay commentated by Rafael Colantonio, and Ricardo Bare, the Recycler Charge seems to be the only current way to get materials. I'm sure more will be revealed as we get closer to the release date.

Prey enemy types

Here's a list of what you'll be facing and running from on Talos 1.


These are sometimes considered the babies of the Typhon. But these babies only appear in hoards and explode on impact.


We've already heard so much about these guys, their small spider-like creatures and can disguise themselves as chairs, coffee cups, and trash cans.


Prey Phantom

Phantoms are crew members of Talos 1 that have been consumed by Typhon energy and have mysteriously gained the ability to throw lightning at the player, as well as manipulate fire, and breath toxic gas. They also appear to most common type of enemy.


I know what your thinking, and no this is not the ghost from the 1980's film. But this enemy can turn itself invisible, and it's rather territorial.


If the game alone doesn't give you nightmare's than this enemy certainly will. This beast of an enemy will be hunting you throughout the entire game, now since it's a Typhon it can track you. And its tracking capabilities will only improve with the more neuromods you use. so try not to go too crazy with them.


Telepaths look to be pretty tough enemies with their army of possessed humans defending them, and their ability to hit you with psychic blasts.


Survival and adaptability are the keys to Prey, players must fight off their alien adversaries using anything, and everything they can find throughout the environment. Whether that be crude blunt melee weapons or small arms like pistols and shotguns. We also know that Prey will involve mastering some, if not all the abilities, and powers available to you depending on your style of play. Much like in Dishonored you can customize Yu's abilities, and powers as stated above. you can go high chaos or low chaos style of play, like going in guns blazing and killing everything, or sneaking around avoiding everything and finding the safest way possible around every enemy.You will also be able to explore the outside of the space station using thrusters like the one we saw in the eight minutes of gameplay, but you will also have to manage you oxygen supply while out on these spacewalks.

There has also been a "trauma system" confirmed for the game. Damage is related to your gameplay for instance, you will have a broken leg from a big fall or burns from fire or steam. When you rarely find other survivors they will not be protected like in other games where certain NPCs can't be killed, these ones can. However, it will not affect the progress of the story. but you may not be able to get certain things if you do not already know how to get them.

Prey is looking like one of the most promising new games in 2017. Arkane Studios has blown us away in the past with the Dishonored and Dishonored 2 and it looks like they are bringing a lot of that rich story telling and innovative gameplay to Prey. What element are you most excited about? Join in the conversation in the comments below or talk to us on Facebook, Twitter, or on our forums!

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