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Pokémon Go Rumors: More Shiny Pokémon, Raids, and an Easter Event

Dragonite Pokemon on Mobile

Minor updates reveal big changes in the mobile game’s future while rumors about an Easter event and Niantic maybe rolling out more shiny Pokémon grow.

Pokémon Go has seen a few interesting changes in the past few weeks. The inclusion of Johto Region Pokémon in the Pokédex, the addition of shiny Magikarp, and the Water Festival. Now with Easter on the way it seems like an excellent opportunity to hold another event. After all Easter celebrations include many activities that would appear to sync perfectly with the mobile game, like an obsession with eggs. Rumors abound about the possibilities from double XP to the possibility of more shiny Pokémon.

A few of the reasons this is likely to be true, Niantic would unlikely add just one shiny Pokémon of a type. At some point, we can expect to receive more shiny Pokemon in the future. The timing appears right as with the warmer weather either here or around the corner, depending on where you live, Niantic will want to encourage people to go outside in the warmer weather. The popularity of the game has been diminishing but the company reveals they still hold the attentions of 65 million players.

It is no surprise that they are working to bring back the interest of players during the upcoming summer months. Recently Niantic rolled out support for traditional Chinese within the app, likely in continued attempt to win over a large number of potential players who utilize it. The most recent app update was meant primarily to contain “minor fixes” however it also contained a few changes deep within the code that suggest the game will be expanding functionality greatly. SilpRoad users reported finding the references to gym status updates, hungry Pokémon, and raids.

“There’s a raid about to start near you!”

“A raid’s going to start nearby!”

Exactly what these phrases mean is not known but they could hint at a more immersive player experience and PvE or even PvP game mechanics to come. Players have been requesting features like trading and battles for some time now and this is the first sign that Pokémon Go may be capable of more than just collecting pocket monsters.

Pokemon Go Abra on the toilet
Abra on the Toilet

Events are part of the reason Pokémon Go has been so popular. There is a lot that Niantic could technically do for an Easter event, especially since the game has a lot of eggs or egg Pokémon. They normally announce events a week before they start, so with Easter is only days away, players are hoping for an announcement soon.

Limited events in the past, such as the Halloween Event, were very popular and yielded significant revenue spikes for Niantic. It would be a surprise if there was no Easter event. Niantic is considering several possibilities for the potential Easter event. Slashgear reports that there are a few possibilities including, but are not limited to:

  • Double XP
  • Double Stardust
  • Increased Spawn Rate for certain otherwise-rare Pokémon
  • Halved Pokemon Egg Distance Requirements
  • New spawning of new Pokémon
  • New spawning of Shiny versions of already-released Pokémon

Although there has been no confirmation of Slashgear’s sources any of the above would be welcomed. Since October the only major holiday that did not receive an event was St, Patrick’s day, even World Water day received a special holiday event. Some players are speculating that because Easter is a Christian holiday, there won’t be an event out of fear of making part of the player base feel excluded, however, others noted they held a Christmas event at the end of last year.

Slashgear also reported that Legendary Pokémon may be around the corner as well. Legendaries would likely as rare as mega-rare Pokemon or perhaps be slightly more common during an event.

Santa hat Pikachu was only available during the 2016 Christmas event.

Are you hoping for an Easter event? What do you think Niantic as in store for players in the future? Let us know in our discussions and join us on Discord, on our Facebook page, or Twitter!

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