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PlayStation Introduces Tournaments


PlayStation is partnering with ESL to introduce “Tournaments”. This will be a new feature that will allow PS4 players to participate in Tournaments right from home. Marcel Menge, Managing Director ESL Technology, commented “Our goal is to create an environment for competitive gaming that allows players to focus on playing the games. With Sony we found a fantastic partner that shared our vision and who worked together with us to create the best experience for gamers around the world. We hope the community enjoys what we have come up with and are looking forward to all the feedback they will provide, as this is just the first step in our partnership with Sony.”


The first Tournament will feature NBA 2K17, in honor of the new NBA season. The tournament will run Oct 27 to November 26. Major Cup rounds will occur every Saturday and the top three players will receive a prize pack the includes PlayStation gear. If you are interested you can sign up today so long as you have a PS Plus membership, ESL account, and a copy of NBA 2K17.

The tournament system will be linked to the PlayStation 4’s Events system. Players will be assigned games and the PS4 will prompt you when it is time to play your games.

Future games that will participate in this feature include Mortal Kombat X, WRC 5, and Project Cars. It is possible that popular FPS titles may be possible when PlayStation and ESL allow team based competition. Initially Tournaments will only support 1 on 1 gameplay but PlayStation plans to broaden that feature in the future.

Are you excited by more accessible tournament gaming for consoles? What features would you want? Let us know in the comments below!

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