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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Streamer Banned For Exploiting Bug

PUBG streamer Destiny has been banned for exploiting a bug that allowed him to drive through buildings.

Another prominent PUBG streamer has been banned for breaching the game’s strict rules about exploiting bugs and glitches. Streamer Destiny found himself able to not only see through solid buildings but was also able to drive right through them. This allowed getting several kills while driving through Pochinki.

Getting kills with vehicles is fine (in fact, it’s hilarious), but driving through buildings counts as exploiting a bug and that means breaching PUBG’s recently published Code of Conduct. Despite the game’s Early Access status and the huge collection of bugs that plague the game, using any of these bugs for an advantage is worth a banning.

Destiny was fully aware that what he was doing was against PUBG’s Code of Conduct, as seen in the video above with his repeated comments about how he’s going to get banned. The ban has caused accusations of double standards to be thrown at developer BlueHole and caused quite the outcry on the PUBG subreddit.  The double standards and uneven approach is after another prominent PUBG streamer Grimmz was seen abusing a bug to kill someone underwater.

Worse, Destiny’s bug isn’t something that can be reproduced, while the one Grimmz is seen using can be reproduced quite easily. This also isn’t the first time BlueHole has banned a major streamer from their game. Last month, streamer Dr. DisRespect was banned for team killing.

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