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PAX West Game Preview: Space Wars: Interstellar Empires

Space was a recurring theme during PAX West as multiple game developers showcased their space-themed games. One of these games, Space Wars: Interstellar Empires, combines turn-based combat with real-time travel as multiple players join a faction to seek control of the Milky Way Galaxy.


Four factions (the Sol Imperial Worlds, the Genari United Empire, the Hive, and the Ma'Alaketh Confederation) are seeking dominance of the Milky Way Galaxy, and each faction has their own lore and background. For instance, the Ma'Alaketh have highly advanced technology, the Genari are expansionist, the Sol have technological advantages, and the Hive have living spaceships due to their ability to live and die in space.

The game also has a companion novel written by Robert Simyar, who has written text adventure games on the Atari ST as well as the Apple IIc. Simyar has also been involved heavily in another turn-based combat series, Heroes of Might and Magic.


Each race controls a group of regions. These regions can be traveled to in real time, and combat is turn-based. One person controls their own ship, which is staffed by officers that have skill trees. The ships themselves can also be upgraded, making customization and upgrades one of the key components of the game. Combat can be as simple as 1v1 or even as complex as 20v20, with each race having their own special ships. Each ship has several officers: the Helmsman, the Science Officer, the Tactical Officer, the Medical Officer and the Chief Engineer which all affect the ship's statistics. For instance, the Science Officer allows your ship to target enemy ships with more accuracy and can detect enemy ships as well.


One will be able to create teams and clans, so you and your friends can battle others online for server supremacy. In addition, there is a single-player element that allows you to explore the galaxy on your own. There will also be a PvP element where even players of the same race will be able to fight each other. Also planned for the game are achievements, medals, and even legacy awards when the server is eventually taken over.

Final Thoughts

Those who are fans of turn-based combat and multiplayer strategy will want to check out Space Wars: Interstellar Empires. As a fan of games such as Civilization, I am looking forward to see how this game will combine the concept of turn-based combat into an MMORPG. You can sign up for the beta here.


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