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World of Warcraft Patch 7.3 Jewelcrafting & Epic Gems

Good news for players who are bored of their professions!

You can now drop a profession you do not use and pick up Jewelcrafting as an alternative with the possibility of making a lot of gold on the auction house.

All you do is simply unlearn the profession and replace it with Jewelcrafting. Travel to Dalaran and then back to the Vindicaar. Vorel offers “A Colorful Key” quest right away. Once the quest is finished, you can cut epic gems (Design List: Argus GemcuttingDesign List: Argus Gemcutting). All you need to do is complete that quest by gathering these gems:

If you don’t have Mining, you can either get the uncut gems from the Auction House or buy EmpyriumEmpyrium and prospect it into gems. At Friendly with Army of the Light, you can purchase Design: Mass Prospect EmpyriumDesign: Mass Prospect Empyrium to prospect 20 EmpyriumEmpyrium at once.

Now that you’ve got the gems, go to Mac’Aree (62, 57). Inside the building is a wall with gems and a chest. Click them one by one, until you are able to open the chest.

Cutting an epic 7.3 gem adds 3 skill points. The amount of gold you’re going to make depends on several variables. Mining on a character that is able to travel to Argus is a plus ( so you do not have to drop your gold on ore), Mining is a time-consuming pain, but it is worth it if you like to make in game gold. You can also write in trade chat that you’re interested in buying EmpyriumEmpyrium in bulks at an obviously lower price.  Once you find a steady and decent supplier,  you will make the most out of this profit.

When going to sell gems, the Tradeskillmaster  is probably your best option for knowing your trade and the golden rule is to double check everything, and you can do that manually or by using the Undermine Journal.

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