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Patch 7.3 Dev Notes on PTR

New caster animations and zones on Argus, plus another dreaded Fel Reaver roaming around to look out for.

Blizzard is making some new and exciting changes to World of Warcraft in Patch 7.3 along with a new zone for the PTR, Mac’aree, for players to test.

Community Manager Lore writes the new zone is available but only if you have completed the previous chapters of the Argus story line.  Also included are new invasion points where you can enter portals to demolish the legions effort to ending Azeroth.  A no flying zone, Argus is a little reminiscent of The Timeless Isle in that sense, but with more to do.

Another exciting point to talk about is the new caster animations, I main a Holy Priest, so I had the pleasant surprise of not even being aware of the new animations for priest until I was in a mob spamming Holy Nova. Not only are they visually stimulating, but they have new sound effects, and let’s admit it, a visually appealing character makes any game more impressive and intriguing to play. See and hear the new animations here Fellow Priests, Mages( all three specs ), shamans (elemental and resto) and resto druids rejoice in your new look!Blizzard is also making significant changes to Feral druids, but are trying to avoid too many class changes, and are encouraging feral druids to give the PTR a try for more feedback on the changes.

Also, don’t forget to stay sharp when exploring Argus as you will see the new version of the dreaded Fel Reaver named the Garothi Obliterator who roams around the map kind of a throwback to the Burning Crusade expansion.

Triumvirate, the new dungeon is still being developed. Blizzard hopes to drop it in the PTR next week so stay tuned to DVS for information concerning that new dungeon as we will be testing it out! Let us know what you are most excited for in Patch 7.3 are on our Facebook or Twitter, and don’t forget to join our Discord!

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