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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Update

Visionary Realms’ CCO, Brad McQuaid, updated everyone on kickstarter on the status of the Pantheon project.

The game was launched on kickstarter but failed to meet the required amount on February 22nd. They raised just over 460k, when they needed 800k to meet their goal. Unfortunately, they felt that the campaign was launched prematurely with not a lot of development to show off. Which we suppose lead to them not meet the kickstarter goal. HOWEVER! In their enthusiastic post they mention that they’ve been busy, and they provided us with a couple of screenshots to prove it.

These aren’t the only screenshots available, so you’ll have to navigate to their site to see the rest of them. It seems that the combat system is being worked on, which it seems includes the ability and weapon system. One enemy model appears in the screenshots, Frigid Frightmaen appears to be the enemy the protagonist is engaging on. We can’t see any color or any other detail from the screenshot.

The world looks beautiful, and we encourage you to look at the screenshots in high definition when you are able to. They speak at the very least of dedication, but it’s also evident that the developers are putting their very souls into the game. And while love can sometimes be a destructive force, most of the time we’d bet it gives a positive result. If you missed the previous article detailing what was revealed, no worries, we got you. Here you go. If you missed the Twitch gameplay of Pantheon, don’t worry. We got you there as well.


How is Pantheon looking? Are the recent developments and progress enough to entice you as a player? They are still accepting donations and looking for investors, so give them a visit if you’re able to.

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