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Overwatch to Update Non-Event Loot Boxes

Ana Overwatch

Jeff Kaplan in a recent interview mentions that the Overwatch team have created new cosmetic items that are not event oriented.

Alongside the free-to-play weekend and in time for the anniversary of Overwatch, Blizzard has stated that they will be releasing non-event cosmetic items. In an interview with PolygonOverwatch game director Jeff Kaplan says that Blizzard will also update the game’s standard loot boxes with a few things fans have been asking for — specifically laughing and sitting emotes for post-release characters Sombra and Orisa. Kaplan and the Overwatch team stated that they want to give cosmetics to fans that are not tied to any events.


Blizzard has also answered some fans in the community’s wishes. There was a recent comic put out featuring Gabriel “Reaper” Reyes and Ana, with Reaper turning around with a humorous pose and commenting “It’s not my statue.” The inspiration came from one of the recent digital comics that covers the Overstrike team beginnings, the most recent article was just released. After the response from the community, Jeff noted that Reapers shrug will be available to get in a loot box the next available patch.


In other news, Overwatch has released a teaser video on their Twitter showing off 3 new maps that will be available in the Overwatch Anniversary event.  The maps look like extensions of current existing maps : Dorado, Eichenwalde, and Anubis. Blizzard has also been having trouble keeping Overwatch pornography under wraps despite hiring a 3rd party company to help with the overflow of Overwatch porn. Even with this 3rd party hired on, Overwatch was number 11 on Pornhub’s most searched word.

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