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Overwatch is One of the Top Categories on Pornhub

Some members in communities will cosplay their favorite character and show off their costume at cons. But what about the people who want to use those character to make porn?

Overwatch Tracer

Despite Blizzards attempts to take it down, Overwatch themed pornography is still one of the top 20 searches on Pornhub back in 2016 according to Indy 100 (#11 to be specific).  Last year when the game was released, there was a spike in Overwatch pornography, and despite Blizzard’s best efforts to have them removed, they were unsuccessful. The demand for Overwatch porn was too much. Last year, a post from Reddit user Spornm indicated that Blizzard was sending out DCMAs to people who created adult Overwatch content. He compared having his work taken down to an art class.

Its the same as Blizzard taking down that tracer art work you drew in class. Its them pick and choosing which content they want people to see. If you guys are fine with this then, eh we will go back to making Asari do all sorts of things. But if you enjoy this type of content or any other Blizzard related content then people need to tell Blizzard to stop policing the web; picking and choosing which content they want people to see.

Overwatch Dva

For those wondering why these videos became something to remove is because the models that were used in the provocative videos were the models that were used in the game itself. In Spornm’s original post on Reddit, he responds to the news of the models being directly ripped from the game.

The models use in the most porn videos have been modified, alot. For one there is the obvious fact that the models are nude or can be made to be nude. Fun fact Blizzard didn’t make that part

In the post, he also notes that his posts were being taken down by Gfycat, in an article from PCgamesn that the takedowns are not from Blizzard directly, but a “Digital Platform Security” Company called IRDETO: A company based out of Italy assisting pay-media operators, content creators, software application providers and connected device manufacturers to protect valuable digital assets. Blizzard most likely hired them to remove Overwatch pornography from the internet.

What do you think about Blizzard taking down fanmade adult videos? Do you think that it could have a negative effect on the game and company? Let us know in the comments, or talk to us on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord!