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Overwatch Holiday Event Rumors

Overwatch had a Halloween event this year and it's likely to have a Winter Holiday one as well.

There's been a soundbite identified in the PTR files, that contains holiday music!

Blizzard is well known to add holiday events to its games. Feast of Winter Veil runs in World of Warcraft from December 16th - January 2nd, Winter's Veil came to Hearthstone for the last two years, and it also comes to the Nexus, joining Heroes of the Storm. So it should be a no- brainer that it will come to Overwatch.

Overwatch recently had a Halloween event, which featured a holiday map, character skins, and victory poses.

With the latest PTR patch players did some digging around and  found a 40 some second clip of music which sounds quite like something on repeat in an elevator at Macy's during Christmas time. Overall the clip gives off a huge holiday vibe, it seems unlikely that they could use this sound clip for anything but a Winter Holiday event.  At the end of the clip is the traditional Overwatch game sound. While the 44 second clip, previous holiday events and other events in other Blizzard games is all we have to go on , it's highly likely a winter Holiday event is coming to Overwatch.

Overwatch heroes are known to be from all over the world  so it's unlikely to be a Christmas event and more of a Winter Holiday event, The Holiday is sure to be full of snow and twinkly lights in all of Blizzard's games. With the holiday event it's likely to include Holiday skins, victory poses, sprays and player icons to collect during your loot boxes. It will be interesting to see if they "dress up" the loot boxes by making it a present instead of its typical design.

With December quickly approaching the Holiday event for Overwatch should be announced soon , what skins do you think will come out? Let us know in the comments.

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