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Overwatch Designer Responds to Player’s Concerns About Healer Ratings

Mercy, Overwatch, Blizzard

Scott Mercer responds to reports of broken healer skill ratings on Battle.net, as of right now nothing has come to their attention. Suggests it may not be a broad system error, but a localized error.

As a support, you really don’t get much love or attention, and when you’re getting the attention, it’s not the attention you want. Usually getting blamed for a bad play on your DPS behalf. After a rumor that was going around that players who chose a healing character would be “punished” by not receiving great rewards. Players also noted that DPS characters were “On fire” more frequently than someone who is playing a support position. Yesterday,  Overwatch’s Principal Designer Scott Mercer Posted on Battle.net and made a statement in regards to the rumor

“The calculation of your [Skill Rating] adjustment after a match doesn’t look at your teammates, but instead compares you to the performance of other similarly skilled players with that hero across an enormous pool of competitive matches. So, we compare your Genji play to the play of other Genjis, Ana vs. Anas, etc. Since we’re comparing ‘apples to apples’, we shouldn’t see any kind of support specific bias in SR adjustments due to player performance.”

The “On Fire” gauge isn’t based on the player’s performance overall, but it is based on how other players play with that specific character. Mercer also noted

Based upon our investigations so far doesn’t look like there’s a broad systemic issue affecting all supports across all competitive matches. There might be a more localized issue affecting a specific hero, or a certain type of play style or game situation. It also might be something completely unexpected, so we’re doing a thorough examination of all the code that affects SR adjustment.

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